best dog harness for running

What’s the best dog harness for running?

Jogging with your dog without danger requires 3 very specific pieces of equipment to protect your kidneys and the joints of your companion. We’re going to talk about getting started in canicross, including what’s the best dog harness for running.

Canicross is an increasingly widespread practice and can be quite fun but it can also be quite dangerous for your body as well as your dog’s. One of the most important piece of equipment to use in canicross is a harness rather than a collar. This article will help you understand how to choose the best dog harness for running.

jogging with your dog

Jogging, but not without my dog!

The advantages and benefits of canicross are numerous and no longer need to be demonstrated. The well-being and harmony with your dog are the key to this emerging sports activity.

But your dog must be at least 8 months to 1 year old and you need the right equipment to protect your kidneys and your dog’s health.

What equipment is needed to run with your dog?

Lots of people want to get started in this sport and then ask themselves what equipment is needed to do canicross? It is a sport that requires very little material in addition to the usual running gear such as running shoes, technical running clothing, etc.

However, it does require appropriate equipment to attach the dog to you in a way that will be safe and comfortable to both of you:

  • Leash
  • Belt
  • Harness

best equipment to run with your dog

This material is essential and without it, it is really not easy and safe to run with your dog just on a leash.

We hold the leash with one hand, which hinders us to make the arm movements necessary for a pleasant and balanced running. The movement of the arms pulls on the leash, otherwise you can use a retractable leash but you must constantly check the correct length and be able to block it when necessary.

If the dog pulls a bit, he will get strangled. If you stumble, carelessly or the dog pulls too hard, you can easily let go and see your dog run away or get distracted by another dog or another animal.

best canicross gear

The special leash for running with your dog

There is a specific leash for safe jogging or running with your dog. We often refer to a shock absorber leash. It is a leash that incorporates a kind of elastic, more or less rigid, that absorbs the jolts between you and your dog.

When the dog pulls sharply, the elastic of the leash tightens and protects you and your dog from traction shock, just like the sole of a running shoe.

The belt to protect your kidneys

Running with your dog will create a lot of jerking. A special canicross leash absorbs some of the shocks but not all. You may therefore suffer shocks to the kidneys. To avoid any danger, you must get a true canicross belt.

It is a belt specially designed for hiking and jogging with your dog. It hugs your hips. Very wide, when there are jerks, your back and your hips are sort moving along with the belt, which avoids “breaking your back”. They are very often padded, which also absorbs shocks and makes it super comfortable.

It is also and above all very solid. Even if your dog is pulling with all his strength, the belt will hold as it is specifically made for that type of activity.

recommended harness to run with a dog

Best dog harness for running

A harness makes it easier to pull the chest of the dog while running, so he does not strangle and his windpipe is protected. But not all harnesses are suitable for running and here are the ones we recommend.

Y or X harness

Depending on the model, the harness forms an X or a Y at the dog’s chest. Very comfortable for the dog, this is the best dog harness for running but it can also be appropriate for walks.

Integral harness

This harness model is aimed more at very athletic dogs. It completely spans the dog’s back and has handles that allow some room and flexibility to help the dog overcome obstacles during wild hikes, for example. Full harnesses are ideal because of their light wright and practical features such as small pockets.

X Back Harness

This is the ideal model for practicing all kinds of sports with your canine companion, because it is specially designed to facilitate traction. Thanks to its X shape, it distributes the traction over the entire body of the dog.

canicross sport activity

Final word

It is definitely not practical to run while keeping your dog on a leash, but fortunately, suitable equipment exists. Don’t compromise on the equipment and make sure you turn canicross into a pleasant experience for your dog and yourself.

Therefore, make sure you get a belt specially designed for canicross to hang on your waist, a shock absorber leash, and finally the best harness for running, as mentioned above. Without this material, not only will running with your dog become difficult, it can also be dangerous for your joints and your dog’s health.

Keep in mind that running with your dog at the beach or in some exotic area is cool but it’s really not different than at the park or on a sidewalk. So if you plan to travel and bring your dog along, it’s super important you bring the canicross equipment so you can enjoy running with your dog as safely as if you were at home.

You now know how to practice canicross safely, so you can enjoy all its benefits and run in harmony with your dog!

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