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What is a Pitsky? Discover a Beautiful and Unique Husky/Pitbull Hybrid

Mixed breeds have been on the rise in the last decade, tons of hybrids like cockapoos, labradoodles, shih-chons and so many more! But have you heard of the lovable and loyal, Pitsky? What is a Pitsky, you ask? They are the combination of a Pitbull terrier and Siberian or Alaskan Husky. That’s right! This mixed breed is not only beautiful, but fun and family oriented.

The Pitsky can be difficult to manage and take after the more independent and stubborn husky. It would be best if a more experienced dog owner adopted this breed as they can be somewhat difficult to train.

What Is A Pitsky Dog?

A Pitsky dog is the mix of a Siberian or Alaskan Husky and a, American Pitbull or Staffordshire terrier. They are usually handsome, muscular and athletic, with stubborn and energetic personalities. It can be hard to say what they will look like when fully grown, but they typically have a shorter and less dense coat than a husky. Which can be ideal for a husky lover who lives in a warmer climate that doesn’t work for the quadruple coated purebred.

The physical characteristics of a Pitsky can be a little unpredictable since the two parent breeds look quite different from each other. Their general look and size can vary significantly but they normally have erect ears and a long muzzle with piercing eyes. The coat type also varies quite a bit, sometimes taking after the husky and having dense and longer hair, or looking more pitbull and having a smoother but slightly longer coat.

The coat color also is going to be impossible to predict, pitskies can come in all colors from white to black to sable or any other shade in between. Their build can be anywhere from a smaller and more petite 35 lbs, all the way to a sturdier and more muscular 80 lbs. You really never know what you are going to get when it comes to a Pitsky!

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What Is A Pitsky Worth?

Depending on the breeder and the lineage of the parents, a Pitsky can cost between 500$ and 2000$. If you are interested in a Pitsky, it would be worth looking at shelters and other rescues before going to a breeder.

Because of this mixed breed’s beautiful look but demanding temperament it is not unusual to find them in need of finding a forever home. Their adoption fees would be much cheaper than buying from a breeder and most of the time they are already spayed or neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

Are Pitskies Good Dogs?

So what is a Pitsky? Are they good dogs? No breed is inherently bad! Some may get a bad rap from social media and other negative breed bashing resources. They are intelligent and loyal and when raised with proper training and socialization the Pitsky can be a very trustworthy and affectionate companion!

A dog’s behavior and a majority of their personality is based on not only their inherent nature, but also the way that you nurture your pet. Being a mixed breed, the Pitsky can have a somewhat unpredictable personality, so be sure to give your doggo plenty of attention, activity and socialization.

What Is The Pitsky’s Temperament?

While it does depend on how you raise your dog, the Pitsky is generally even tempered and friendly. They are great companions and protective family dogs. While the husky is not the best at guarding, the pitbull is! Combine that with the playful nature of huskies and the die hard protective tendencies of a pitbull and you’ve got one strong and defensive guard dog.

Prey Drive

Both breeds love kids and families, but the pitbull and husky have a bad habit of chasing small animals thanks to their high prey drive. It may not be best to have cats or small pocket pets running around with a Pitsky in your home. Or at least not until they understand that the little animals are not food or toys.


The Pitsky dog is one that is incredibly athletic and craves exercise. They can be very demanding, especially if they aren’t getting enough time outside or being active. Be ready to dedicate almost 2 hours or more a day of exercise. Their energy levels and stubborn temperaments are a big reason why so many pitskies end up in shelters and other rescues.


You should do training with any dog, but a Pitsky is one you would certainly want to teach basic manners and more. They can be difficult to train because of their independent nature and somewhat stubborn attitude. At least many pitskies take after their husky parentage with this behavior.

Be sure to do your research thoroughly before diving into getting a specific dog breed, even a mixed one like the Pitsky comes with it’s level of difficulties. While they are an amazingly intelligent and social breed, they are still stubbornly independent and hard to manage at times, which is why it is important that you know what you are getting into first. People not doing their research on a dog breed before getting one is the exact reason why so many of them end up in shelters.

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Not For Those Who Work Long Hours

The Pitsky breed is one that needs several hours of exercise and attention from their owners every day. If you are someone who works long hours and you cannot dedicate enough time to their physical needs then you may come home to a torn up couch or favorite pair of slippers destroyed.

They can become easily frustrated and anxious by staying pent up too often and not getting the time and room to run out their energy. It’s honestly not fair to have a breed just beause you enjoy their looks and the idea of having them. If you do not have the time and the energy to tend to their phsyical needs then you need to consider rehoming them or taking them to daycare while you are at work several days a week.

If you have to leave them alone for longer hours, it would be wise to keep them in a crate or kennel while you are gone. This is the best way to guarantee the safety of your Pitsky and your house, as they tend to become destructive when bored.

What Is The Pitsky Bred For?

The Pitsky dog was not bred with any specific purpose or job in mind. They were probably originally just an accidental mix of a pitbull and a husky. These things do happen of course! At this point in the world and dog breeding, they are only being bred for companionship. They are not currently recognized by the AKC or any other breed club and they probably won’t be for a very long time.

Because of their parental lineage and their breeds inner nature, the Pitsky is good at guarding and protecting family, performing agility and working as service or emotional support dogs.

What Are Health Issues With Pitskies?

There are not very many actually documented health issues with pitskies since they are still a mixed breed. Only recently have they started to be considered their own breed of dog. Allergies and hip dysplasia seem to be the two most common health problems seen in pitskies. Both parent breeds suffer from these issues so it is no surprise that we see them in this hybrid of the two.

Allergies and hip dysplasia range in severity but both of these problems should be addressed by your veterinarian.

The lifespan of the Pitsky is around 12 to 15 years of age. Which is honestly pretty good for a medium to large breed dog. 

What Is A Pitsky? A Demanding Dog With A Loving Personality

So, what is a Pitsky? An intelligent, protective and beautiful breed, with an active personality and independent nature, that’s the Pitsky dog! While this new and beautiful breed may not be a good match for first time dog owners, they would be a perfect fit for an active family with lots of love and time to dedicate to play and companionship. They will bond hard with someone who shows them the respect and friendship they crave and deserve.

If you are looking into adopting a Pitsky, just make sure you are prepared for their strong personalities and somewhat sassy nature. Making a firm bond with one could be a rewarding experience for both you and your beloved Pitsky.