most sociable dog breeds

10 most sociable dog breeds to discover

Are you looking to adopt a canine friend and considering some of the most sociable dog breeds? If so, you are spot on because not all breeds of dogs are the same, from impulsiveness to candor, each dog has a unique trait. This is why, before adopting a dog, you should think about the character you are looking for and which is best to keep up with your rhythm of life, especially in terms of sociability.

If you are very active and like to go out and meet new people, go for a dog that is not introverted. If, on the contrary, you already have a shy dog and you are looking for a companion for the latter to make him more social, choose a cuddly and very active dog. To best help your decision, here is a review of the 10 most sociable dog breeds.

The English Springer

english springer

Dogs of this breed are hyperactive in nature, enjoy going out and get very attached to their master. They love being in the company of other pets, which makes them ideal dogs for owners who already have small companions. English Springers are always ready to go on an adventure and discover new things. Far from being shy, this type of dog is always ready to play which makes him a very popular with children with whom he gets along very well. He is not at all fearful and especially not aggressive with strangers.

The Poodle


These little doggies are intelligent beings who like to be the center of everyone’s attention. These curly beauties are very welcoming and hardly show themselves hostile with strangers. In everyday life, they are energetic and very curious dogs. Eager for adventure and new daily challenges, the Poodle follows his master everywhere. His curiosity also makes him attentive to everything around him and to new people he might come to meet.

The Saint-Bernard


Saint-Bernards are real teddy bears! They are blessed with a calm and extremely affectionate temperament. Despite their large size which impresses at first sight, we quickly realize that in reality they are very endearing and gentle dogs. Faithful to the film Beethoven, the Saint-Bernard likes adventures, is an intrepid dog and very affectionate with children. While not being shy at all, is quite gentle and peaceful and has a highly developed instinct for rescue, which makes him very outgoing with any human being he trusts and shares his life with.

The Pitbull


Despite the bad reputation and negative stories Pitbulls fall victims to, this dog is definitely on our list of the most sociable dog breeds. They not only have have a high level of socialization but they also are a very affectionate dog.

His excitement at the sight of a newcomer is such that it can be misinterpreted, because of his appearance and the stereotypes that circulate around the breed. Fortunately, there are coaching sessions to help control this arousal which is really just a reflection of the dog’s love and curiosity for humans. Only bad owners are responsible for a violent dog behavior.

The Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever

The Labrador, like the Golden, is a breed known for its sociability and love to hang around others, whether human or other animal. It is perhaps this quality that makes Labradors one of the most popular and beloved breeds. These dogs can adapt to all spaces, situations and climates, which makes them very easy going. The Labrador a great playmate for children, very cheerful and suitable for the whole family. He is not at all fearful and is quite patient and gentle. This makes them a perfectly suited dog for meeting new people on a regular basis without cause for concern.

The Pug

black pug

Adapted to apartment living, these dogs are real little clowns. The Pug has a jovial temperament that loves to entertain the whole family. He knows how to give himself in public and he automatically becomes the center of attention when he enters a room. Pugs love to play and are very welcoming to strangers, animals and especially children.

The French Bulldog

french bulldog

French Bulldogs are very affectionate and have an irresistible charm. They enjoy the company of other animals and love to be around people. Their charm makes them dogs for whom new encounters are no problem. When a bulldog arrives, no one can resist the attraction! Cheerful, playful, the French Bulldog is ideal for young and old people.

The Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie

These bushy dogs have a great love for life and this happiness is very contagious! The Bearded Collie is overflowing with joy and an infectious enthusiasm for his owner. The challenge is to learn how to control their level of excitment, which can sometimes become overwhelming. He is never aggressive and he gets along very well with other animals and strangers.

The Beagle


Docile, calm and very affectionate, this dog is irreproachable in terms of behavior and is suitable for children, adults and seniors. They are companions who are very attached to their master and who are ready to follow him wherever he goes. Loyal and endearing, the Beagle is an intrepid hunter who gives free rein to his curiosity, especially during walks and thanks to his exceptional sense of smell.

The Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

These doggies are very versatile and above all are very sociable dogs. He is the ideal family dog because he loves everyone and gives those around him a lot of joy, affection and good humor.

Understandably, the Golden Retriever is a jovial and friendly dog to everyone. In addition to being intelligent, it adapts as easily to the elderly as it does to children. All these skills make it one of the preferred breeds to become a service dog.

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