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The best dog house for your canine friend

Usually, a doghouse is shaped like a house. It has a roof, a door and some even have purely decorative details such as graphics or small accents such as a lamp. However, the decision on getting the best dog house for your dog is based primarily on the type of materials selected.

Best material for the dog house

Dog houses have always been made of wood. This naturally insulating material is perfect for your dog’s house for any of the four seasons.

In the summer, placed in a shady place, it will cool down your dog. In the winter, shielded from the wind, it will keep the heat in.

wooden doghouse

The plastic dog house is becoming more and more popular. It is lighter, its durability is indisputable, it requires little maintenance and it comes in a multitude of colors.

Each of these materials therefore has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s up to you. However, in areas where the temperature variations are important during the year, the wooden structure will be preferable for dogs that sleep outside.


Insulation should be the top criteria to look for. In order for the dog house to keep cool in summer and warm in the winter, it must have appropriate ventilation. This can consist of a simple screened opening, however, it must not be a passage for the cold air or for the rain. The floor must neither be wet or col, therefore the structure must be raised so that it is not in contact with the ground. Either the model you buy has legs or you will need to set the house on cement blocks or bricks.

If you live in an area where temperature drops are frequent, you should choose a doghouse that is equipped with added insulation features. It should have a double wooden wall with insulation between the two layers. If you have salvaged an old doghouse or want to do it yourself, you will need to keep this in mind.

The installation of a hinged door with a mechanism allowing the dog to open it easily with its muzzle in one key feature of the ideal dog house. Particularly during the winter, this will come handy.

dog house suitable for winter conditions

Finally, let’s not forget that you can also install a heating pad on the floor of the dog house so that your canine friend stays warm. You can plug it in a socket that can be ran to your house with an appropriate extension cord. Of course, it’s best to install an electrical connection nearby that meets the standards for outdoor outlets.

The best dog house: size does matter!

Another determining factor in your decision is the size of the dog house. This can make the difference for your dog in keeping him really warm, because the body heat of the animal is what heats the inside of the house.

The dog house should be large enough for your dog to get in and out or turn around, but it should also be small enough to allow your dog to snuggle up and provide natural heat in the space.

Positioning is important

Your dog will only use his house to rest and sleep. Therefore, it’s important to set it up in a quiet place around your property. If your canine friend is a guard dog, the house should not be very far from the entrance, while being sufficiently away from the noise of the street and the neighborhood. That way, he will not be distracted and disturbed in his sleep.

You can also create a sandbox near his house and train your dog to relieve himself there as opposed to defecating all over your lawn.

position of the doghouse on the property

Best dog house for indoor use

Even when dogs sleep inside the house, it is recommended to install a dog house in a secluded area. This will make it easier to teach your dog where to sleep.

Obviously, indoor dog houses do not need to have insulating features, similar to outdoor models, unless the room in which the house is set up is not heated, such as a garage.

Can a dog sleep in his house?

It is common to see a dog house set up in the back yard but it’s uncommon to see a dog spend his nights there. Most often, dogs sleep in the house, often in heated rooms, sometimes in a garage. However, some owners want their dog to sleep outside. It is for this purpose that they all buy a dog house and install it in a suitable place.

However, from the start, their dog seems to be fearful in front of this small house and at times, he will ignore it and stay at a distance.

dog house for all my dogs

4 points to respect so that your dog loves his house

In order for your dog to feel good in his house, check that there is no unpleasant odor like treatments applied to new wood to protect them.

  • Set up accessories and clothes your dog is used to cuddle or play with.
  • We have already mentioned the choice of location, pay special attention to it.
  • Ideally, from his house, your dog should have a view of your entire property, from the front door of your house to the gate of the entrance to the property.
  • The doghouse should also be in a shady place and away from air drafts.

Train your dog to use it

During the first weeks of your dog’s life, it is recommended that you let him sleep in a closed room such as a garage or a garden shed.

Once the puppy has passed this transition, the move to the dog house should begin. To make the dog feel at home right away, place his usual bed or basket in the house. Make sure to follow these important points:

  • Never force your dog into his kennel.
  • Place all his favorite objects in the house and wait.

Your dog may bring them back to their place of origin and not relate to his “new home”. If so, use food to bait him by first, placing his bowl near the entrance of the dog house. Each day that follows, put the bowl a little more inside the house, until your dog gets used to eating there.

Normally, he should start sleeping there quickly. All you have to do is teach him to eat outside again, which is not a given.

diy dog house

The best dog kennel: Final tips

Sometimes it only takes a day or two to teach a dog to sleep in his house. In other cases, even after years of practice, the animal will still only occasionally try to discreetly get into the house to spend the night. It depends on a lot of things.

You should never start teaching your dog to use the house during winter or in cold weather. Instead, start in the spring or early fall. If your dog stays away from his house, move your play sessions closer to it and, if necessary, use the house as a playing element, such as hide and seek.

How to clean your dog’s kennel?

In order for your dog to always feel good in his house, it will need to be cleaned on a regular basis. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the house dog, it’s best to have a structure with a removable roof, to have free access to the interior.

Cleaning of the doghouse must be done on a regular basis. It includes disinfection with an appropriate product to eliminate parasites and their eggs. This is best done by cleaning the interior with a pressure water jet machine, followed by scrubbing all surfaces with anti-parasitic products. Finally, rinse thoroughly to remove all residues and let dry under the sun before putting everything back in order.

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