best beds for an english bulldog

The 5 best beds for an English Bulldog

Your English Bulldog must eat, exercise, play and then recover well while sleeping! Today we will review for you the best beds for an English Bulldog.

Profitable rest is essential for your English Bulldog to recuperate well and keep good level of energy. The quality of sleep is really important as he can be in sleeping mode for an average of 10 to 12 hours a day! And as he gets older, he will sleep more and more … This is the reason why, in the list of essential equipment for your English Bulldog, you will have to remain really attentive to the quality of the bed you will choose for him.

What are the best beds for an English Bulldog?

It’s not always easy to choose between a rug, a blanket, a cushion or a mattress? If you are looking for a good, nice sleep for your English Bulldog, below you will learn about the many products to select according to its usage and the profile of your Bulldog friend.

Below, we refer to specific models to highlight the features we find most important in a bed for your Bulldog. Our recommendation is offered to better guide your choice and decision.

english bulldog in its bed

For puppies: Ferplast Siesta Deluxe plastic bed

If you experience any inconvenience with your English Bulldog puppy who has not yet learned potty training, the washing will really be quick and easy. This bed will be more hygienic than mattresses or cushions. In addition, it is ultra-resistant, so no hassle when the puppy is going to bite the bed!

Little tip

This is a rigid bed and of course it might not satisfy your English Bulldog. If you want a more comfortable basket, we recommend adding a blanket or small mattress. This way, your English Bulldog puppy will happily get comfortable in its new bed.

Product Features

  • Sturdy plastic
  • Equipped with a headrest
  • Perforated bottom for good ventilation
  • Anti-slip guaranteeing good stability
  • Available in several sizes from XS to XL

bed for english bulldog puppy

For adult English Bulldogs: Cushion – Knuffelwuff Bed Dreamline

This is one of the best beds for an English Bulldog who has gone through his “destroy everything” period. It is cozy and also easy to take with you. The cushion is removable or can be machine washed which is a must, otherwise the cushion will quickly smell. Obviously, you will need to select it to the size of your English Bulldog with some extra space so your dog is not cramped in its bed.

Regarding the type of shape to select, I recommend the bed with raised edges because your English Bulldog will be able to “dig” himself a comfortable spot. Many models do not fit in the washing machine and the upper part is not always removable. For this reason, it is best to favor a model such as this one for ease of maintenance. Among the many possibilities offered in the market, I selected the Knuffelwuff Dreamline dog bed for the following features:

Very comfortable cushion

Soft padding and high sides give your English Bulldog a feeling of being sheltered. Its cushion has a padding of 6 inches, therefore your dog will not feel the hardness of the floor, and will keep warm. The raised side and rear edges will also contribute to keep your English Bulldog warm.

High quality cushion

The materials used to make this bed are of high quality and very resistant. The bed will also last much longer for your restless English Bulldog.

Easy-care cushion

This bed is very easy to maintain because the removable covers have a zipper and are machine washable. The underside of the cushion is made of insulating and non-slip fabric.

Affordable model

If you are on a tight budget or don’t want to spend too much, this bed offers great value for money. Its cost can fit most budget.

Product Features

  • Very robust and resistant to scratching
  • Fully removable
  • Undeformable
  • High quality branded product
  • Replacement covers available separately

english bulldog in deep sleep

Best beds for an English Bulldog for all purposes: Hero Dog Rug

The Hero Dog Rug is very comfortable, easy to carry and ideal for the adult English Bulldog that has passed his “destruction” period. You should choose a model with removable covers so it can be washed regularly. The anti-slip and washable model is particularly recommended.

Ideal rug for its maintenance

The rug can go in the washing machine and it keeps its shape and remains as comfortable as before. You can also clean it with a brush or a towel to remove dust and hair.

Ideal rug for home, car or vacation

Non-slip and light, it is ideal to be easily carried on vacation, put on the back seat of a vehicle or of course on the floor of the hotel room. It’s an essential, multi-purpose rug.

Product Features

  • Orthopedic mat
  • 100% cotton cushion
  • Non-slip base
  • Several colors and sizes available

puppy english bulldog sleeping on rug

Best bed for English Bulldogs hanging outdoors: The Knuffelwuff Jerry bed

In the event that you leave your pet outside during the day, it is strongly recommended that you provide a warm bed in its kennel. And if it has no shelter, put a suitable mattress in a dry place, away from wind, sun and rain. The bed should be waterproof and of course thick enough for optimal comfort. The thicker the bedding, the better your English Bulldog will stay weatherproof. Here too, it is better to ensure that the cover is removable, the bed can go in the washing machine or otherwise easy to wash by hand. My choice is the Knuffelwuff water repellent faux leather bed which is meeting all of the following criteria:

  • Very robust and scratch resistant
  • Easy to maintain because the cover is removable
  • Water repellent therefore waterproof

Product Features

  • Cover: imitation leather
  • Contour padding: Chip foam
  • Padding sleeping surface: Foam plate
  • Bottom: Non-slip and insulating fabric
  • Replacement covers available separately

english bulldog with friend

For senior English Bulldogs: Shape memory foam bed

The PetFusion Serenity Lounge will relieve the spine and the joints of your old English Bulldog. In addition you can add a memory foam pillow which will provide your English Bulldog with optimal comfort when sleeping. This model is made up of a thermo-elastic memory foam system similar to those made for humans.

Why choose the PetFusion Serenity Lounge bed?

  • For its high-end components
  • Because of its resistant metal zipper
  • For easy cleaning
  • Because the cover is waterproof and tear resistant
  • For the machine washable removable cover

Product Features

  • Base in 6 inch memory foam for more comfort, less joint pain and better health, mobility and more energy for the dog
  • Soft and durable suede microfibers
  • Clever design – this bed will fit in well with your home furnishings

english bulldog sleeping outdoors

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