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Tactical Dog Harness: 5 Reasons to Get One


Long are the days gone when a tactical dog harness was used only by the military. Over time, due to its rising popularity, many dog owners are shifting their beloved dogs from dog collars to tactical harnesses. To find out the reason why tactical dog vest has taken the world by storm, stay with us.

What is a Tactical Dog Harness?

First things first, “What is a tactical harness, and why is it good for your dog?” A tactical dog harness is just like a vest but equipped with some tactical features, which enables your dog to carry some equipment with him all the time and provides safety and comfort.

Now, tactical vests are not only used by the military and police for dog training but also are used during recreation, adventure, hiking, and jogging. The handle that comes with the tactical harness has made it possible for you to help your dogs traverse any challenging terrain they may encounter.

Not to mention, tactical vests are also considered one of the best defenses against harsh environments and extreme weather.

Why Are Tactical Vests Ideal for Aggressive Dogs?

If your dog tends to be aggressive when exposed to certain situations and may become violent in public or at home, then buying a tactical dog vest should be your number one priority.


tactical dog harness or vest

When it comes to leash or collar, tactical vests are considered best in controlling your aggressive dog. The handle coming out of the harness makes it easier for you to control your dog in such situations.

Should Your Dog Wear a Tactical Harness?

One question that revolves around the mind of many new dog owners is, “Whether the tactical harness is suitable for my dog or not?” That’s why we have created a list of all the types of dogs that can easily use a tactical vest:

  • All Dog Breeds: In the past, harnesses were only manufactured for larger dog breeds like German Shepherd, etc., but thanks to new product development initiatives small tactical harnesses are also available in the market for smaller size dog breeds.
  • Military Dogs: Military or police dogs require a tactical harness for extra protection and space to carry gears that would help police or the military in their covert operations.
  • Service Dogs: These dogs may be required to carry health supplies or other necessary equipment and a tactical harness is ideal to do the job!
  • Adventurous Dogs: If your dog is fond of joining you in hiking or other outdoor sports and adventure, then you should definitely equip him with a tactical harness. It will serve as training and protection for your dog during complex and unwanted situations or conditions.
  • Hunting Dog: A tactical vest helps your dog adapt to the environment and catch the prey off-guard more easily. Similarly, your dog can also carry hunting equipment or bait in his harness to help you out, if needed.

Benefits of Using a Tactical Dog Vest

Prevent Injuries

What if we told you that using a tactical harness decreases the risk of back and neck injuries as compared to using a leash or collar? As the weight of the harness is evenly distributed, it provides better control and minimizes the chance of your dog suffering from a neck or back injury.

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Moreover, the handle on the top helps the owner in controlling his dog while in motion. The handle also helps your dog to work his way through dangerous grounds, with many obstacles. This also helps when your dog is suffering from arthritis or joint conditions and can’t put much pressure on his legs.

Tactical harnesses are also commonly used in the training of puppies and adult dogs.

It Keeps You and Your Dog Safe in the Dark

We all know how tactical gears protect dogs tracheal against shrubbery, harsh environments, rocky terrains, and tremendous stress but little do we know that a tactical harness keeps not only your dog but also yourself safe in the dark.

Now, most of the latest tactical harnesses that are launched in the market are equipped with lights and strips to increase visibility for dog and yourself in low-light and nighttime conditions

A Tactical Dog Harness Keeps Your Canine Friend Fit and Healthy

Another reason to buy a tactical tactical harness is to keep your sluggish dog fit and healthy. Obesity is the worst enemy of dogs. While there are many ways to counter it, a tactical dog harness is still number one.

Using the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) feature, you can add extra weight and pouches to your dog’s harness, which can train him to carry his own weight both outside and inside the home.

No Sign of Discomfort Seen Among Dogs

Unlike collars where you have to pull the dog from only one position, namely the neck, a tactical harness provides several different locations from where you can leash your dog and when you pull, the pressure is more evenly distributed on your dog’s body. All locations offer a different sense of comfort to your dog.

The collar may not only create discomfort your dog but also may cause potential neck injuries. In contrast, this is not the case with the tactical  harness. Positions like front chest, front clips, near the base of the tail, between the shoulder blades, etc., are available on the harness for leashing purposes.

dog harness for safety

Overall, it Keeps Your Pooch Safe and Protected.

The bottom line is that there is only one thing that matters the most, and that is your dog’s safety and health. The good thing is that after considering the durable materials used in the making of a tactical harness, we can say for sure that products offered by the manufacturers are best designed to keep your dog safe and protected.

Whether it be a dog bite, running into traffic, or wild animal attacks, a tactical harness protects a vast range of potential danger situations. Though it won’t be 100% effective, it would be enough to keep your dog out of danger.

How to Get a Good Tactical Dog Harness?

Buying a tactical dog harness without doing proper research only leads down to bitter disappointment. That’s why, in order to facilitate your life, we have broken down the elements you need to look out for in order to get an excellent tactical harness for your dog:


The first thing that you need to keep an eye on is the weight of the vest. You don’t want to crush your canine friend under a heavy load before even adding equipment, supplies and other extras.

tactical dog vest

Therefore, you need to choose the weight of the tactical harness according to your dog’s build. If your dog is older or of small size, you should opt for a lightweight harness. Otherwise, a regular tactical harness would work like a charm if your dog has a robust muscular body.


By checking the type of materials used to make the harness, we can evaluate the quality and durability of the product. This definitely applies to the selection of a tactical dog harness.

When buying a dog harness, make sure to check if the following material, Cordura 1000D is listed on the label. It is high-quality nylon that ensures the harness is stiff and rigid and won’t easily wear, break or tear apart.

The absence of Cordura 1000D tells us that the product is of lower quality and a waste of your money. The harness will be too brittle and fragile for the intended use.

Handle of The Dog Harness

The handle, if not best, is one of the key features of a tactical harness and also the one that demands the most attention in your research. Not only is it used for controlling the dog but also for picking up the dog to help him go through tough passages, which he would normally be unable to do on his own.

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Therefore, caution is needed when choosing a dog harness to ensure the handle is top quality and highly resistant you are either controlling or holding your canine friend. So, it would be wise to test the harness before purchasing it, if at all possible!


Durability tells us how stiff a product is actually fabricated. A strong vest helps your dog survive in harsh environments. The more durable the tactical harness is, the greater are the chances of protection against wild animal attacks and dog bites over time.

A durable harness is considered a must, especially for military and police dogs.

Tactical Dog Harness: Other Useful Features

In the end, you also need to make sure that you are getting the most out of the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) feature. A good handful of pockets added with light strips and LEDs will make a perfect combination for your dog.

Also, it would be best if you make sure that the extras attached to the tactical dog harness can be removed, thus allowing enhanced flexibility to control the weight of the vest.

With this information in hand, we hope that you will be able to find a top quality tactical harness for your dog.

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