non chewable dog beds

Non chewable dog beds: Features to look for


A dog needs a cozy and comfortable place in the house to rest and sleep. However, if he likes to work his teeth and claws on the bed and go into destruction mode, non chewable dog beds are a must.

So your challenge is to choose a bed that will be smooth and comfortable, while being sturdy and durable. Not an easy one I may say!
To make the best buying decision you need to consider important criteria such as, amongst others, materials, size and warranty.


Before trying to figure out how to buy a better-value dog bed, it’s crucial to give a little thought to the materials used to manufacture a dog bed. Plastic beds are convenient in that they are easy to maintain and are definitely durable. The only downside with this material is that it is not very comfortable, to say the least. However, the dog will feel like he is in a cocoon when he is sprawled inside, provided it’s covered with thick blankets or something.

durable dog bed

Wicker beds have been trendy in recent years as they provide a rustic look to your decor. Not only are these baskets lightweight, but they are more user-friendly than plastic baskets. Wicker provides better ventilation, however, it is more difficult to maintain. With respect to durability, it may not stand a chance with dogs having a destructive behavior.

If you want to prioritize the comfort of the dog, you can opt for a cozy basket in quilted or enveloping fabric. The advantage with fabric beds is that there is no need to add a carpet inside. The bed itself is ready for use just the way it is. Soft beds, on the other hand, are difficult to maintain. Hair, fleas, and mites will cling to it easily. This shouldn’t be a major concern if the envelope of the bed can be machine-cleaned. Fabric beds can also be used in addition to or on top of a plastic bed.

However, soft beds are not likely to resist too long if your dog starts chewing or scratching the fabric. So you need to look for something better.

chew proof bed



Specific features to look for in non chewable dog beds


Frame and base

A completely non chewable bed (or as close as it can be) should be made with a sturdy frame (metal or resin preferably) and a durable and strong base fabric similar to ripstop nylon or vinyl.

No edges or seams

Corners and seamed edges made with fabric are very attractive to chewing dogs. The ideal durable bed model should have minimal edges, hidden zippers, if any, and reinforced or dual seams, to distract your dog away from having destructive thoughts.



An essential feature of any non chewable dog bed is being waterproof or, at a minimum, have some kind of waterproof liner. After all, what’s the point in buying a bed that withstands your friend’s chewing habits, but is ruined by other factors?

indestructible dog bed

Easy to clean

In line with the above, you want to make sure the bed you are considering is easy to maintain. In practice, it can be hosed or wiped down easily or at least comes with a removable, machine washable cover.



Just because you’re in the market for non chewable dog beds you should not forget about basic features! Ensure the bed size is suitable to your canine friend and it is strong enough based on his weight. Most non chewable dog beds should indicate what is the maximum allowable weight it can sustain, especially if it is a raised model.

As an example, you will need to make sure your Mastiff is comfortable in his bed, which should be a little taller than his body. Don’t give him an oversized bed, as he can easily lose his bearings with too much space. If your dog likes to feel leaned on some sort of support, look for a model with a contour or rim.


One of the most important element to consider when buying a dog bed is the manufacturer’s warranty. An extended warranty usually means it works as no product manufacturer would stay in business if they replace the products they sell on a regular basis.

Non chewable dog beds: Our preferred model

We have selected a model that should serve as a good base to make your decision. You don’t need to buy this particular model but try to get a bed with similar features.

Tierlando® S5-02


Tierlando S5-02 chew proof dog bed

Main Features

Thanks to its XXL size, this model is particularly spacious even for large dogs. Your canine friend can easily settle into this bed. It is therefore suitable for all breeds of dog.

In addition to its dimensions, this model comes with an attractive design. It has a velvety appearance and its black color adapts easily to different types of decor. You can set it up in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or in any other room in the house and it will fit right in and your canine friend will be comfortably set up.


This spacious bed is comfortable and durable for your dog. Thanks to its premium design, this bed is quite sturdy. Indeed, it is made in a scratch resistant fabric that your dog does not risk damaging with his claws.

Ease of maintenance

The bed is also available with a waterproof cover to optimize its durability and longevity as it provides effective protection against splashes and all kinds of liquids.

That’s not all! The fabric does not retain hair, which makes it much easier to clean. You don’t need to brush your pet’s hair all the time. Note that the Tierlando┬« S5-02 bed cover is removable and washable. Just take it off to clean your pet’s bedding, thanks to the convenient a zipper installed inside the cover.


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