Maltese dog care

Maltese Dog Grooming Tips & Techniques

There are a several things you should know before you get into your Maltese dog grooming routine. You should also be prepared to spend time and energy grooming your canine friend. After all, making your Maltese dog look his best is worth the effort!

Maltese Dog Grooming Techniques

When it comes to grooming your Maltese dog, you need to use the correct techniques and tools. A few of the basic techniques include preparing the dog’s coat, brushing the coat, and applying grooming products.


To train your dog to tolerate grooming, it’s important to begin with a short and simple session. It should last only a few minutes, and you should be very patient and provide treats.


When brushing your Maltese, you should use a wire-toothed comb and a pin brush to gently comb through the dog’s coat. Make sure to use long, gentle strokes and avoid grabbing the dog’s hair or paws. Pulling on the dog’s hair can cause discomfort and cause your pet to dislike grooming sessions.

Maltese dog grooming

Cutting Nails

When cutting your Maltese’s nails, make sure to clip them from underneath, toward the paw pad. Light-colored nails are easier to clip, but dark-colored ones can be more difficult. If you’re unsure about cutting your dog’s nails, you may want to hire a professional. If you accidentally cut far in, seek medical attention as soon as possible.


Whether your Maltese’s hair is long or short, there are tools to help you keep them looking their best. A pin brush is an essential tool for Maltese dog grooming, as it helps straighten their coat without causing any tangles. Pin brushes come in different varieties, some of which have ball-like heads on the tips of the bristles. Pick the right pin brush for your dog based on its personality and the type of coat it has.

Stainless steel combs are a popular choice for Maltese dogs. Those with a finer coat may benefit from a blade instead. In addition, thinning scissors are a good option to tidy up your Maltese’s coat before clipping it.

Dog brushes are another essential grooming tool for Maltese dog grooming. These brushes are made to withstand wear and tear, but they also have rubber sides to provide a comfortable and secure grip. This is especially important if you have a fidgety Maltese. The rubber sides also feature a thumb rest and hanger hole to make cleaning easier. The rounded edges are great for cleaning the face and paws.

Grooming Routine

Regular and consistent grooming is essential to ensure a healthy and clean coat. They should be bathed at least three times a year and receive daily wipes to keep their skin soft and supple. They should also be brushed on a regular basis, including their face and eyes.

The grooming session should be a relaxing experience for both you and the dog. If possible, provide treats and talk in a soothing tone. During the first session, lift the Maltese’s paws. Then, slowly increase the amount of time you brush the dog. Eventually, your dog will become accustomed to being groomed on a table and will accept the routine.

A short coat should be brushed every three days; medium hair requires brushing every two days. Long coats require daily brushing and combing. During the brushing process, you should check for tangles and pull them out to avoid damaging the coat or irritated skin.

Grooming Tips

The first step is to remove any mats on your dog’s coat. You can begin by slathering your hands with a conditioner, then gently sliding the mat out of your dog’s coat. This process may take a few minutes, but it will help your dog look and feel its best.

Maltese dogs have long coats that can be prone to tangles and matts. To prevent excessive tangles, you should brush your dog’s coat regularly. Regular coat grooming will keep your Maltese clean and prevent them from shedding excessively.

When clipping your dog’s coat, make sure you don’t clip off too much of the quick. Otherwise, it may cause skin injuries and lead to infection.

Groomers who want to give your Maltese a shave should use clippers with a stainless steel blade. A comb attachment will give your Maltese a smooth, shiny finish, but thinner coats will require a blade. If clipping is not an option, use a thinning pair of scissors to tidy up the fur. Shampoos with added volume are also a good choice before clipping your dog’s coat.

Maltese Dog Grooming: Final Word

Maltese dog grooming is really important. Leaving your dog for long periods of time without grooming is dangerous.  It may cause health issues and become quite costly.

Keep in mind that the investment in time and in appropriate tools will pay off over time. Your dog will be in great shape and happy, which, as a dog owner, your ultimate objective, right?