how to take care of a french bulldog

How to take care of a French Bulldog

You often see them on social networks, videos and ads. French bulldogs are one of a kind and most often occupy an important place in the life of their owner. In this article, we discuss how to take care of a French Bulldog, so they stay healthy and energetic!

I’m probably not very objective, but I find this breed rather special. French Bulldogs are super cuddly, very mischievous, sometimes a little temperamental but filled with an unconditional love for humans, in particular those that are part of his world!

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However, French Bulldogs can develop many conditions as they grow and adopting the highest quality preventive measures is critical. In the following paragraphs I will discuss 4 key tips to keep your French Bulldog in great shape!

How to take care of a French Bulldog: Important Feeding Tips

Diet plays a key role in the well-being of French bulldogs. They are dogs with fragile digestion, that can be upset in no time! Here are the few tips you need to know before you own this breed.

Offer them an adapted diet

French Bulldogs are prone to food allergies which can cause intense scratching and skin issues. You can prevent or correct the problem if you switch the diet to lamb based food, because it is the most digestible meat and the least allergenic.

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Find the right food and stick to it! Dogs don’t have taste buds as developed as ours and they don’t need to change food every day, because they may get bored. It could upset their digestion real bad, so find the diet that works for them and stick with it. If you have to change, do it very gradually, first mixing the new food with the old for several days.

Meals at fixed times

This is extremely important and often forgotten or simply not followed. Meals fixed and consistent times will regulate their digestive system and allow you to make them defecate at fixed times. Adult bulldogs eat twice a day, morning & evening!

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Everyone should have their own bowl

If you have several dogs, each has their own bowl for food & water! And if they eat too quickly, purchase anti-suffocation bowls that do the job very well!

Avoid snacking at all cost!

French Bulldogs are very greedy dogs, and in my experience, they like everything that humans like, apart from an aversion to all round foods such as peas or cherry tomatoes that they are not capable to eat. But since they are also plump little canines, avoid feeding them outside of meals, unless they deserve a reward. In this case it can be a wedge of fruit or a small piece of cooked and pasteurized cheese!

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How to take care of a French Bulldog:

Exercise, Fun and Play is important!

Although we often call them couch potatoes, French Bulldogs are very energetic and they need to work out. Don’t take them running with you, they are not tough enough and their flattened muzzle (we say brachycephalic in the jargon), would not allow them to oxygenate properly through a long effort but on the other hand, you should go out daily to play, run with other dogs and destroy plastic bottles!

The breed is more suitable to short and intense effort and will love little sprints! They also like to go in a small children type pool or at the beach. Be careful, however, French Bulldogs are not good swimmers! So don’t hesitate to invest in a small life jacket if you intend to take to the lake or in a standard size pool.

It is essential that French Bulldogs be physically active and work their muscular system to prevent possible herniated discs since they have small fragile spines! It is essential to make them walk very regularly and include other activity sessions when you can.

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French Bulldogs have their own way to play. Give them an empty plastic bottle with its cap closed and they will chew it and roll it around the house while running like crazy. They can put on quite an awesome show!

In general, they like to crush small fluff and they are ruthless with plastic objects in particular, but also like to rip carton boxes apart!

Love and affection

Bulldogs have a need for love and contact which I find incredible. When someone shows up at my house, they receive their dose of hugs for the year! Don’t hesitate to hug your French Bulldog every day, softly scratch their stomach or rear end! They absolutely love it!

Socialization: oh yeah!

French Bulldogs love contact with humans and other dogs. Experts believe this is very important to mental health of this breed and contribute to extend their lifespan.

Really, they are so social dependent that I think it’s important to get them to meet dog buddies as soon as possible. And if ideally they can be at least two at home, they will be even happier!

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How to take care of a French Bulldog: The Video Corner


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