how to stop a dog from barking at neighbours

How to stop a dog from barking at neighbours


It is quite normal for a dog to bark. There are several reasons that can cause him to bark, but of course, a dog who lives with people cannot bark constantly, especially if you have neighbors nearby. There is nothing pleasant about a dog barking at people, over and over again. Therefore, learning how to stop a dog from barking at neighbours is essential.

So does your dog bark often and easily? The tips discussed below will show you help you how to stop a dog from barking at neighbours or at least help him bark less at people.

obedience of the barking dog

Does your dog bark at people?

How do you keep a dog from barking if he’s never in contact with people other than you and your little family? A dog that barks less at people is necessarily a social dog, don’t you think?

In fact, a dog that is not very sociable and not used to being in contact with people risks barking more when strangers or people are near him or the house. To avoid always unsettling your dog every time there is a visitor or every time you go to the park, train him at a young age to interact with people. This will make your dog less likely to bark at people for no reason.

An anti barking collar for dogs that bark “too much”

Of course, if you live in the city or the neighbors are starting to lose patience, you have to quickly find an effective and quick bark deterrent solution. In this sense, the anti-bark collar may be an alternative solution to consider.

anti barking collar for dogs

There are several kinds of collars. The purpose of these collars is to give a quick warning to the barking dog. It is an effective and very quick bark control method to prevent your dog from barking at people and neighbors. The right models of bark deterrent collars have 3 types of signals:

  • Beep sound mode
  • Vibration mode
  • Electric shock mode

As it is not always necessary to use the shock mode to prevent a dog from barking here a model providing the 3 warning modes is ideal.

train a dog to stop barking

How to stop a dog from barking at neighbours through positive reinforcement

When it comes to dog training the reward is very important to success. So why not reward your dog when he listens well to his master? The reward is a necessary evil to successfully train your dog and thus prevent him from barking all the time.

If you reward your dog when he listens to you and stops barking, he will be much more likely to stop barking quickly and without waiting for orders afterwards. When it comes to rewards you should of course be offering something different that appeals to the dog and not something that he is used to having and seeing.

Examples of appropriate rewards are cookies, treats, cuddles and toys can be a good idea to successfully train your dog and keep him from barking too much.

reward your dog when he listens to you and stops barking

Work on the obedience of the barking dog

The more obedient your dog is, the easier it will be to silence him. With a single word or a single gesture your dog will obey you and he will stop barking. So before preventing your dog from yapping at people, it is better to take a training course with your animal.

There are also dog training gadgets that can be effective in stopping a dog from always barking and in stopping other bad habits. For example, there is the clicker and whistle which can help train and calm down your dog.

How to stop a dog from barking at neighbours with one and the same command

A dog that barks a lot at people should not be scolded by using different words and gestures for each intervention. If you want this to be really effective and for the dog to stop barking quickly then you have to be clear and concise … at all times!

Anticipate your dog's barking

So, when a dog barks a lot, get in the habit of always using the same word (s) to prevent him from barking. It could be for example the word “SILENCE”, quite simply. You should quickly see an improvement in your dog’s behavior after a few days.

Talking to your dog in a low voice

When your dog barks too loudly and you use your chosen command to him (e.g. SILENCE), say it in a low voice. Because, first of all, your dog is not deaf. Then he will pay more attention to what you say if you say it calmly, with a tone down voice.

Finally, if you don’t have the choice to show more authority by raising your voice, you can. However, be careful not to become aggresse. So, a calm, low and controlled voice is very important in warning a dog that his barking at a visitor or neighbors is not welcomed.

Ignore the dog when he barks

You can try the approach of clearly saying the word “SILENCE” to your dog and then ignoring it. This is generally effective for dogs that bark too easily and often for little reason.

Ignoring your dog when he barks is therefore a good idea, as long as your neighbors are not too close to your house! Otherwise, you risk having problems with your neighbors, so be careful with this approach!

teach a dog not to bark

Surprise the dog

Always after having said “SILENCE” or the anti-bark command of your choice, you can also whistle or throw something near him, in order to surprise him. He will instantly stop barking out of surprise.

Be careful not to stress your dog out with the object you are throwing at him. After a few days if nothing changes and your dog continues to bark a lot then try another approach or turn to the training collars.

Anticipate your dog’s barking

Learning how to stop a dog from barking at neighbours is also about anticipating situations causing your dog to bark. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes and triggers of the barking. If you get a good grasp of the moments leading to your dog barking, you can immediately command your dog to silence shortly before they come up.

After a few days or weeks, you should notice significant improvements and less barking around the house.

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