how to keep a dog calm while grooming

How to keep a dog calm while grooming

It is not always easy to groom your dog directly at home. Because even if the desire is there, the lack of knowledge and of habit can frighten the most daring among us. Plus there are are many challenges, including how to keep a dog calm while grooming.

Not easy indeed the scissor blow around the eyes. Not easy either if your dog is a ball of nerves and he does not give way. And then, should we clean her ears? The teeth ? How to take good care of your paws? So many legitimate questions jostle in the minds of parents of dogs who are not groomers.

And unfortunately, hiring a professional to groom your dog can quickly become a significant cost in the annual budget.

Here is an article that will make grooming your dog easier at home.

How to keep a dog calm while grooming – a few important tips

Trimming the claws and hairs of dogs’ paws is often a complicated task as they are fragile and sensitive areas of their bodies. It is therefore natural for them to be afraid when you approach these parts. If your dog is struggling or restless, it may be best to immobilize it for your safety and yours.

how to restrain a dog while grooming

First reassure him, pet him, talk to him. Act gently.

Then lay your dog on his side. Get on your knees behind him. Place your arms on his body, one at his pelvis, the other at his neck. Hold the two legs which are towards the ground with one hand and with the other arm resting on his neck (without pressing), hold his head on the ground. Wait a few seconds for it to calm down, then start taking care of its legs without removing your arms above it.

What about puppies?

Planning your puppy’s first bath? Be aware that little puppies do not need daily baths. In addition, some people with clean and healthy dogs never bathe their puppies. Unless the puppy is pooping on itself or something, of course. This means that there is no specific date by which you should give your puppy its first bath.

You can start bathing your puppy at 12 weeks. Finally, if he needs it. It still doesn’t mean that your puppy will need a full bath every day. A puppy’s coat does not need to be shampooed daily and small traces, spilled food for example, can simply be wiped off on a short-haired puppy with a damp sponge (without chemicals).

Your puppy’s coat is a microworld of good bacteria. This helps keep the skin at the right level of acidity. Changing this balance with a shampoo can reduce your puppy’s natural resistance to skin problems and infections.

keep a dog calm while bathing


In addition, between six and twelve months, most puppies will have developed their adult coat. One of the features of the adult coat in many dogs is that it is waterproof. This waterproofing is carried out with oils from the skin. This helps keep your dog warm and comfortable when swimming or going out in the rain.

The shampoo removes these natural oils. When this happens, the water can then penetrate your puppy’s coat down to the skin. Which is not good for him. Regular baths are therefore neither essential nor even a very good thing for puppies.

How to keep a dog calm while bathing

Many dogs have a phobia of bathing. A dog that is afraid of grooming will become aggressive and agitated when you present the shower or approach it too close to the bathtub. Teaching your dog that he does not have to be afraid of grooming can go through different actions:

Get your dog used to different tools without washing or mowing him. Show him the brush and then run it through your hair for example. Turn on the clipper without trimming the hair … The grooming environment must become reassuring for your dog.

Reassure your dog by touching and talking to him

Both dogs and humans relax if they feel a reassuring presence. For that, pet your dog, show him that you are there, that you do not want to harm him.

best dog grooming tips

Arm yourself with patience

Never punish or scold your dog before and during grooming. This moment must be associated with a moment of well-being and not of aggressiveness. Take your time, don’t rush and don’t be brutal.

Think of your phobias and imagine someone brutally forcing you to confront them. Let someone aggressively force you to take a spider, for example. Wouldn’t you like it? You might be even more angry? The same goes for your dog.

If your dog is afraid, be gentle and reassuring. Don’t rush him.

How to keep a dog calm while grooming, with natural solutions

Often times, people ask if they could use sleeping pills to make bath time easier. The answer is no, of course not! Do not sedate your dog to groom him, it is not good for him. On the other hand, nature can give you a boost. Certain calming plants can be very effective in soothing dogs when they are frightened or suffer from phobias such as grooming. The idea is obviously not to shoot them but to relax them.

Relaxed, your dog will appreciate grooming more. He will then be more and more relaxed with each new bath.


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