how much do golden retrievers shed

How much do golden retrievers shed

You have noticed that your Golden Retriever is losing a lot of hair. Not only do you feel anxious for your Golden Retriever but, at the same time, you keep picking up hair, cleaning all of your clothes, shaking the carpets. It’s important to understand how much do golden retrievers shed, what are the causes and what to do to solve this problem.

How much do golden retrievers shed – molting periods

Molting in dogs is manifested by a more abundant hair loss during two seasons, in spring and in autumn. Therefore, there is no need to worry if at the beginning of these seasons, your Golden Retriever is losing his hair. This is a natural process that will allow the coat of your canine to adapt and be more suited to the season to come.

brush hair of golden retriever

However, as the lifestyle of the dog undergoes changes, for example, from spending more time indoors than outdoors or moving into a different climate, the molting system will also go through changes. Indeed, the fact that the Golden Retriever stays during the whole day in a heated apartment and this, throughout the year, upsets the original molting process. Because of this, your Golden Retriever may lose its hair on a continuous basis, which is referred to as false molting.

Pathologies causing your Golden Retriever to lose his hair

If you notice sudden hair loss in large amounts, if your Golden Retriever is scratching frequently and you believe it is not associated with a normal molting process, it could be caused by a health problem. For example, parasites (scabies, fleas, etc.) can cause inflammation, “itching” and can lead to hair loss. The Golden Retriever can still suffer from an internal parasite or any other disease. In this case, we recommend that you get your Golden Retriever examined by a veterinarian without delay.

Solutions to excessive molting in Golden Retrievers

Fight against hair loss with regular brushing

Brushing your Golden Retriever on a regular basis will help remove dead hair before it falls. Thus, your home will be cleaner, your canine friend will be more comfortable and have a prettier coat. In addition, brushing offers a great opportunity to see if your Golden Retriever has parasites, ticks or scabs.

remove dead hair from coat of golden retriever

The FURMINATOR brush: The most powerful brush!

Amongst all the brushes on the market, this is the most effective tool for removing dead hair and undercoat from your Golden Retriever. This accessory will remove the hair without breaking it but above all without mutilating your Golden Retriever’s skin.

I particularly recommend the FURMINATOR the Anti-Moult Shedding Tool. This is a really high quality and powerful brush. It is manufactured to be durable and robust and is one of the few brushes in the market that is truly effective. The amount of hair that is extracted turns out to be astonishing. However, this high quality tool is rather expensive.

How much do golden retrievers shed? A balanced diet will have a major impact!

The diet of the Golden Retriever may influence the strength and quality of his coat. In order for your Golden Retriever to have a remarkable coat, its diet must be of good quality, rich in good fatty acids and vitamins. In fact, be vigilant on the quality of the food you are giving him.

Premium quality veterinarian food is recommended and you can supplement the diet in different ways to reduce hair loss. Certain vitamins, fatty acids, omega 3 can be added to your Golden Retriever’s daily diet. Many owners like to supplement it with salmon or rapeseed oil, others give food supplements dedicated to promote the health of the skin and coat.

good hygiene for golden retriever

Fight against hair loss with brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast for dogs

This is going to be the best performing food supplement. It is found in the form of tablets composed of brewer’s yeast, zinc and corn starch. Highly dosed in sulfur amino acids (such as methionine, cystine and cysteine), this supplement is a stimulant for the development and health of the coat because it promotes the synthesis of keratin (protein) and slows down the production of sebum (decreasing the fat of the coat). These capsules enhance the coat and make it shine and above all they significantly reduce hair loss.

This food supplement is well appreciated by users who report spectacular results for their dog. We know of a dog owner who reported that her Golden Retriever hardly sheds hair anymore when before, it had gone out of control.

Another emphasizes that as soon as she gave her dog this supplement, the coat of her Golden Retriever became much more radiant. It also reduced hair loss in her Golden Retriever by at least 70%.

golden retriever molting

On the other hand, there is a risk of minor diarrhea if the intake period becomes exaggeratedly long. So, be careful to respect the dosages and not to give these supplements to your Golden Retriever on a permanent basis.

Fight hair loss with good hygiene

A good hygiene will have a significant impact on how much do Golden Retrievers shed. While it is relevant to wash your Golden Retriever on a periodic basis to maintain good hygiene, too frequent shampooing could have harmful consequences on the dog’s coat.

Therefore, you should not shampoo your Golden Retriever more than once a month. The leather of your Golden Retriever could be attacked. Also, use shampoos primarily designed to combat hair loss.

shampoo a golden retriever

Anti-hair loss shampoo

Dog grooming experts recommend the FURMINATOR shampoo for its undeniable hypoallergenic qualities. It is specifically designed to limit hair loss and is a good complement to the brush. Its composition, rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamins and proteins, contributes to the good health of the skin and comes with a reasonable price tag for such a top quality product.

Users report that after using the shampoo on their Golden Retriever, they noticed a change in his hair that became much more silky. However, some users do not like the coconut scent, but who cares if your canine friend does!

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