how much do bernese mountain dogs shed

How much do Bernese Mountain dogs shed?

Wondering how much do Bernese Mountain dogs shed? They lose their hair all year round and have significant seasonal moults. During the moulting period, the dog must be brushed daily in order to remove dead hairs and to ventilate the skin (otherwise eczema may develop).

The long, dense fur of the Bernese Mountain Dog along with the frequent loss of hair requires a rigorous complete grooming effort. Let’s discuss some of the important components of a good grooming program for your Bernese Mountain Dog.

Grooming the Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs require regular brushing of their hair in order to keep it clean and silky. It should be brushed about 2 to 3 times a week, with a focus on areas behind the ears and the thighs to prevent knots from forming.

One bath per year is sufficient for the Bernese Mountain Dog since its coat has self-cleaning capacity.

Grooming your Bernese Mountain Dog is an essential routine that keeps your loyal companion healthy. It must follow a strict protocol with specific periodic actions.

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How much do Bernese Mountain dogs shed: Frequency of brushing is important!

The brushing should be done from the top to the bottom, therefore starting with the top line of the back and ending with the legs. However, you will still end up with the head and tail.

Bathing for the Bernese Mountain Dog must take into account that his coat has self-cleaning capacity. The frequency should be adapted to the lifestyle of the dog. If he spends most of his time outdoors, you can give him a bath every 3 to 4 weeks. If, on the other hand, he spends his days at home between his two daily walks, you can wash him every 6 to 8 weeks.

Grooming accessories

For the usual brushing, take a spiked brush and a curry brush. During the moulting period, and in order to properly eliminate the undercoat, use the rake and the comb. Some owners sometimes use the vacuum cleaner to clean the fur well and especially to vacuum the last small deposits that could remain on the skin.

For the bath, use a special dog shampoo. The pH must be neutral. Depending on the specific needs of your Bernese Mountain Dog, you can take specific shampoos against fleas, ticks or to improve the shine of the coat. In any case, NEVER use shampoos designed for humans, as they can damage the animal’s skin.

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Areas to watch

The fur should generally be subject to regular maintenance. However, some areas are likely to facilitate the development of parasites. These are the armpits, the origin of the tail, the fringes of the hind legs as well as the fine hairs of the ears. It will therefore be necessary to pay particular attention to these areas.

Like all dogs with floppy ears, Bernese Mountain Dogs are susceptible to ear infections and ear mites. It is recommended to regularly clean the ears with a cleansing milk or any other specific product.

How much do Bernese Mountain dogs shed: Diet plays a big role!

When it comes to food, the Bernese Mountain dog is a real ogre! An adult dog eats more than a kilo of food per day! By opting for premium food, which contains as little as possible of filling ingredients like wheat or corn, you will be able to offer him smaller portions without compromising the nutrient supply.

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This will help the good management of the diet, his weight control and overall health condition. It will also promote a healthy coat and optimal grooming requirements.

During his growth, so until he is 6 months old, the Bernese Mountain dog needs a diet stronger in proteins, minerals and vitamins to help its development. As he will gain a kilo per week, this growth period should be carefully monitored!

Ask your vet or breeder to help you come up with a proper game plan, while helping you manage food quantities.

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While the puppy can eat three to four times per week, it is best to switch to two meals a day by the time he is six months old, in addition to making the switch to a large adult dog diet.

It is important not to feed him with only one meal a day. His stomach will become over filled and this creates a risk of stomach twisting, which can sometimes turn into a fatal problem. Finally, don’t give in on his request for in between meal snacks but make sure to always leave him a bowl of fresh water.

Turn grooming into an enyoyable moment

In order to establish an enjoyable grooming routine for your Bernese Mountain Dog make sure you start him at a young age and teach him to be calm and stay put. Reward him for his good behavior!

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We recommend that a regular grooming practice with your Bernese Mountain Dog be introduced at 2 months old, an age at which your puppy is ready for this type of activity.

Final word

Yes, the concern over how much do Bernese Mountain dogs shed can be legitimate. However, it is more than made up by the fact that he is one of the affectionate dog breed. It is well known that he has boundless love and loyalty to his master and that he is in great need of human contact. He is a jovial companion to whom loneliness does not suit very well.

The Bernese Mountain dog is also a good guardian. With strangers, he tends to bark loudly in order to alert his master. If he considers that the newcomer is not a threat, he will become a good big dog again very quickly. However, if he has been alerted by a suspicious noise and fears that an intruder is present in the vicinity, you will hear him loud and clear! It is not, however, a breed known to prey on intruders.

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