how long do trifexis side effects last

How long do Trifexis side effects last?

The fight against internal and external parasites in dogs is an important part of the preventive care to be given to your companion throughout his life. Trifexis is a very effective medication to prevent parasites from attacking your dog. But dog owners wonder how long do trifexis side effects last, because … yes … there may be some as with most similar drugs?

We will get to that question but first, let’s learn more about the product. It’s important to understand that parasites can inoculate your dog with many serious diseases, reduce its biological functions (digestion, vascular circulation, respiratory function, etc.) and cause more or less marked discomfort (simple irritation due to severe itching allergic dermatitis).

This is where Trifexis comes to the rescue and can help your dog avoid health issues associated with parasites.

Trifexis Product Description

This product combines spinosad (active ingredient in Comfortis) which is a powerful and rapid flea killer with milbemycin oxime which is a complete internal parasiticide. The anti-flea action, just like the Comfortis, begins 30 minutes after the administration of the product with the onset of death of the fleas present on the body of your canine companion.

Conditions promoting the appearance of parasites

The deworming action concerns the main gastrointestinal nematodes (the juvenile and adult forms of Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonina, Ancylostoma caninum and the adult forms of Trichuris vulpis) and acts in the prevention of heartworm disease (verminous disease encountered mainly in countries Mediterranean larvae caused by the accumulation of Dirofilaria immitis larvae in the main blood vessels and in the heart chambers).

Trifexis Use

The product comes in the form of palatable tablets of different strengths to best adapt to the weight of your dog. The administration can be monthly according to the epidemiological risks of the animal’s environment and lifestyle. The medication must be given with the meal to limit the rare risks of vomiting associated with the product.

How long do trifexis side effects last? Follow the recommended dosage to minimize them!

The concentrations of active ingredients in the tablets are indicated below. The first measure represents the concentration of spinosad (dosage comparable to Comfortis by Elanco) and the second represents the concentration of milbemycin oxime.

270mg / 4.5mg: dog from 3.9kg to 6kg
425mg / 7.1mg: dogs from 6kg to 9.5kg
665mg / 11.1mg: dog from 9.5kg to 14.7kg
1,040mg / 17.4mg: dog from 14.8kg to 23.1kg
1,620mg / 27mg: dog from 23.2kg to 36kg

fight against internal and external parasites in dogs
How long do Trifexis side effects last?

The side effects encountered are as follows: vomiting within 48 hours of treatment is possible (observed up to 1 in 10 animals). In most cases, they are mild and short-lived (generally a maximum of 48 hrs) and do not require treatment.

Other side effects may occur such as lethargy (depression and listlessness), loss of appetite, diarrhea, pruritus (itching), dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), and redness of the skin and ears. These side effects, however, are quite rare and reversible.

Pest management in your companion must be thought out and adapted to the environment and lifestyle of your animal (working dog, hunting dog, dog staying at home). Thus, this will condition the frequency and dosage of the Trifexis tablets as well as the combinations of active ingredients to be administered.

Conditions promoting the appearance of parasites

Snow is melting, Spring is around the corner

With warm weather, waste that has decomposed under the snow, such as food or small dead animals, is very attractive to your dog. He will be happy to find and eat them. Veterinary clinics are facing a lot of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis during spring time, the synptoms of which are vomiting and diarrhea with or without blood. You don’t always see what your dog is eating while he is out, so you often don’t expect it.

Grass thaws and so are worms

It is very important to consult a veterinarian very quickly because, sometimes, it can be life threatening as a bacteria such as coliforms, or even salmonella, can severely attack your dog.

Also watch out for thawed bones. Having become crumbly, they are dangerous for the digestive system and the stomach of your dog and can even cause a perforation. Vigilance is therefore essential during the walks.

Grass thaws and so are worms!

While the grass thaws, this is also the time when worms that have remained dormant all winter are reactivated. Lawns receive the droppings of dogs, but also of stray cats and possibly other animals. With the rise in temperatures, the parasites wake up.

For this reason, it is recommended to deworm your dog every month, starting in March until December or whatever period when warm weather is prevailing, depending on what part of the country you leave at.

Preventive treatment for heartworms (for the next 30 days), which also cures any other worms in your cat’s system by killing them, is also recommended.

Almost all animals have roundworms, which are transmissible to humans. Think about your children, they are the first to be affected, because they will kiss the animal more often, or play in areas where the dogs relieve themselves.

lyme disease in dogs

Because of variable and inconsistent weather conditions and winter melting periods, more and more veterinarians are advising owners to deworm their dogs 12 months a year.

Cats are also affected by worms since they hunt a lot and can in particular catch tapeworm, a worm that is not transmissible to humans, but which puts the animal’s life in danger.

Beware of ticks!

Lyme disease has experienced a phenomenal resurgence with global warming. Fortunately there is a vaccine against it. As for fleas, research has done a lot progress and there are now tablets that are deworming and killing fleas.

This is what Trifexis is doing because it is composed of Spinosad which kills adult fleas and Milbemycin oxime and is one of the safest animal dewormers on the market. This drug won the Green National Award, in part because Spinosad is one of the only products approved for organic cultivation.

Veterinarians warn against certain pest control products sold without a prescription in pet stores. People can kill their animals with this. Every year, there are cases where we animals have to be euthanized because they were given a product that’s quite toxic.

parasites treatment for dogs

Products containing permethrin, also used in the majority of prescription products like Sentinel, Interceptor, Heartgard and Advantage, can be very toxic if not administered in the right conditions and with the appropriate dosage,

For ticks, experts favour the vaccination of dogs against Lyme disease. But there are many other diseases transmitted by parasites. So, when you come back from a walk with your dog, you have to inspect your animal’s coat. All diseases manifest themselves at least 24 to 48 hours after the tick is attached to the dog’s body, so you have time to notice it and act accordingly.

Prevention is important

On your next visit to the veterinarian, you will be recommended to have a test for heartworm, but also for Lyme disease, as every year. This is to make sure that your pet is not a carrier of either of these two diseases.

Weight gain during winter

After spending the winter warm and spending less calories on the sofa, it’s time to get some fresh air and revise the health habits of your canine companion who may be slightly overweight. Talk to your veterinarian about adjusting your dog’s diet and portion sizes so they always maintain a healthy weight. This will help your dog stay healthy, keep his immune system strong and able to fight parasites.

Final word

We hope we have reassured you on how long do trifexis side effects last and how important this product or similar one is to the good health of your dog. Prevention is always the most effective and economical strategy!


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