French Bulldog Life Expectancy

French Bulldog Lifespan: Health Issues That May Have an Impact

When considering the French Bulldog Lifespan, it is important to know that a longer life span is not always better. There are many health issues that can affect a French Bulldog’s longevity. A French bulldog’s life expectancy is affected by several factors, including its genetics, health condition, and diet.

Average French Bulldog Lifespan

Compared to most other dog breeds, the average life span of a French Bulldog is shorter, at roughly ten to twelve years. The breed is particularly susceptible to health issues and is prone to a number of ailments. A recent report by the Kennel Club UK looked at 71 dogs and reported that a French bulldog’s life expectancy was nine to fourteen years. However, this average life span is at the lower end of the range for most small dog breeds. The Chihuahua, by contrast, has a life expectancy of 17 years.

While a French bulldog’s life expectancy is lower than that of other dog breeds, this difference does not mean that the breed is more difficult to care for.

However, French bulldogs can typically suffer from serious respiratory problems and heart issues. They are also prone to spinal problems and respiratory problems.

French Bulldog Lifespan

Health Conditions That Affect Life Expectancy

There are many different health conditions that affect French Bulldogs. One of the most common is otitis externa, which affects the skin. Other common disorders include skin fold dermatitis and conjunctivitis.

In a recent study of over 2000 French Bulldogs, researchers identified several other health problems that affect the breed. This data can help breeders and owners develop strategies to improve the health and welfare of the breed.

Although not the leading cause of death, French Bulldogs are prone to respiratory conditions and ophthalmological diseases. These illnesses are often attributed to extrinsic motivations, such as status or attention. Some owners may consider their dogs helpless and needy, which could make them more prone to developing disorders.


If you want your French Bulldog to live longer, you should pay attention to his diet. It should be balanced and nutritious and you should keep his body weight at a healthy level.

Frenchies are prone to heart disease and painful joint issues if they are overweight. In addition, the quality of the food your dog eats is important, do your homework to research the food that’s best for your French Bulldog. Try to avoid products that contain by-products of meat or excessive sodium. Be sure to check the ingredient list thoroughly.

Several studies have found that diet can influence a French Bulldog lifespan.

One study found that dogs that ate low-calorie diets live longer. Another study of 2,228 French Bulldogs in the United Kingdom showed that 98 dogs died from various causes but mostly from cancer and neurological disorders. Though you cannot prevent all of these diseases, you can manage to stay away from them or reduce their symptoms by feeding your Frenchie with premium quality food.


Exercise can increase a French Bulldog’s life span in several ways. It helps reduce stress and raise endorphins, which are good for regulating mood and emotions. It also supports your dog’s cardiovascular health.

Even moderate exercise is beneficial for your Frenchie’s health. Gentle hiking or advanced obedience training can provide stimulating exercise for both you and your dog. Exercise can also improve your bond with your dog.

French Bulldogs tend to be overweight and being obese can lead to a range of health issues. Obesity can cause back pain, metabolic problems, and digestive problems. Obesity can also increase the risk of heart disease and joint problems.

For the best results, you should avoid giving your dog treats and food that contain large amounts of fat and sugar.

Instead, give your French Bulldog a nice, long walk in the park or around the neighborhood. It will feel good to be petted, too, and you can give him or her some doggie treats.

Spaying or Neutering

While spaying or neutering a French Bulldog can greatly increase your dog’s life expectancy, there are also risks associated with the procedure. If you want to reduce your dog’s risk of developing a life-threatening disease, it’s best to have your dog neutered at an early age.

Male and female French bulldogs both benefit from neutering. The procedure decreases their risk of developing diseases like prostate disease, perianal tumors, and testicular cancers. The procedure also eliminates some of the annoying habits that French bulldogs have. For instance, a neutered male dog will no longer chase other dogs in the neighborhood. Additionally, neutered dogs do not show any protective or aggressive behavior.

French Bulldog Lifespan: UK Studies

French Bulldogs have become the second-most popular dog breed in the UK in recent years, with registrations increasing 20-fold between 2009 and 2019. Based on studies that compared health records of French Bulldogs to other breeds, they are found to be more susceptible to genetic problems due to heavy breeding.

In one UK study, nearly seventy percent of French Bulldogs who attended a referral veterinary facility had BOAS, which can be fatal. The researchers also found that older French Bulldogs are more likely to be diagnosed with this condition, and that their levels of BOAS are significantly higher in older dogs than in younger ones. These conditions can definitely impact on the French Bulldog lifespan.