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Does calming dog food really work?

There are so many sources of stress in dogs and calming dog food can help mitigate the tension build up in your dog. Moving, babysitting, driving, visiting the veterinarian, new animal or new individual in the house, death of a family member or another animal, lack of enrichment in a restricted environment, thunderstorm, fireworks, dog alone at home or in a cage, are examples that may cause intense stress in your dog.

Stress and anxiety can cause unwanted behavior in dogs such as destroying or ripping appart objects in the house, turning plants and garbage cans upside down, pulling and tearing apart curtains, and can also create urinary issues.

Calming Dog Food Solution

Did you know that there is now calming dog food available in the market for dogs under 15 pounds? This type of food is specially designed to manage stress and anxiety of your canine friend. One example is CALM Royal Canin Veterinary Diet food. This complete and balanced diet can help relieve stress and anxiety by creating a “calming effect” in dogs without the use of medication.


stress and anxiety in dogs

Diet solutions, such as CALM Royal Canin Veterinary Diet food, can play a positive role in relieving your dog from intense stress conditions. However, it is important to consult your veterinarian before using this diet, as it does not apply to all dogs and conditions.

Calming Dog Treats

Dog treats such as the soothing ThunderWunders Calming Chews can also help your canine friend to relax and will allow you to have better times with your companion. They are suitable for dogs who are afraid of thunder, fireworks, travel, visits to the veterinarian and many others. The combination of Thiamine and L-Tryptophan in such treats helps reduce the stress and tension felt by your dog. The addition of Melatonin also helps promote rest and relaxation and the ginger will help your dog’s digestive system, which is an asset when traveling. In short you will find in these treats some precious help to calm your dog down!

calming dog treats


Natural alternatives to calming dog food

Like humans, pets can suffer from stress which can even have serious consequences on their mental health, but also on their physical condition. To help overcome your dog’s anxiety level there are fortunately natural anti stress solutions available that have no side effects whatsoever which will be quite effective.

Natural anti stress solutions for dogs are suitable in many cases to help relieve tension in dogs caused by situations such as long haul transportation, new environment or loss of a companion.

A dog can be stressed and anxious that gnaws at him from the inside and this can lead to physical problems. The signs to watch out for are of course behavior, but also hair loss, skin infections or excessive licking. If these symptoms are recurring in your dog, it is essential to take him to the veterinarian who can offer you a natural remedy adapted to your dog’s problem, but above all make sure that another pathology is not hidden behind the stress and anxiety of your canine companion.

ources of stress for dogs

Depending on the type of disorder the veterinarian will evaluate the need for medication, determine the right doses and give you direction on the duration of the treatment and expected side effects, if any. Natural stress reliever drugs are gentle alternatives to chemical sedative treatments which can be dangerous for your dog’s health when administered in higher doses for an extended period of time.

How natural anti-stress solutions work

Natural stress relievers are calming products made from a mixture of ingredients that are naturally able to calm down your dog and relieve fears. Among the most suitable natural anti-stress agents to combat stress, are we Zylkene and Adaptil.


Zylkene is available in capsules and act as a calming dog food supplement whose soothing and calming properties have been clinically proven in dogs and cats. Based on patented milk protein called alphaS1-casein, this dietary supplement works very well in different situations that distress pets such as the arrival in a new house, a move or the arrival of a new pet. Zylkene helps dogs cope better with distressing situations by transmitting the benefits of the ingredients it contains in the dog’s system.

Zylkene natural calming solution for dogs

In addition, this dietary supplement is also recommended by veterinarians and appreciated by dog owners, because it does not develop addiction, does not cause any unwanted side effects and acts quickly, to produce convincing results by the 7th day of administration. Finally, be aware that Zylkene capsules can be placed in your dog’s mouth or crushed and mixed with the regular dog food and should ideally be administered two days before the start of the distressing situation, if it can be expected or planned ahead of time.


Just like its equivalent for cats (Feliway), Adaptil is a natural anti-stress solution which helps dogs to adapt to situations creating stress and anxiety such as being alone at home, hear noises, spending a few days in the kennel or even being transported. Adaptil is offered in liquid form to be diffused in the dog’s environment using a vaporizer or even in the form of a collar to be worn by the anxious dog. The collar is very practical when adopting a puppy, to reassure him and promote his education in a calm and quiet environment.


The spray is recommended to reassure dogs in situations described above but also when grooming or bathing your dog, providing health treatments at home or during a visit to the veterinarian. Just apply a few jets on a scarf which is then placed around the dog’s neck to transmit the beneficial effects of the product!

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