non chewable dog beds

Non chewable dog beds: Features to look for

A dog needs a cozy and comfortable place in the house to rest and sleep. However, if he likes to work his teeth and claws on the bed and go into destruction mode, non chewable dog beds are a must.

So your challenge is to choose a bed that will be smooth and comfortable, while being sturdy and durable. Not an easy one I may say!
To make the best buying decision you need to consider important criteria such as, amongst others, materials, size and warranty.


Before trying to figure out how to buy a better-value dog bed, it’s crucial to give a little thought to the materials used to manufacture a dog bed. Plastic beds are convenient in that they are easy to maintain and are definitely durable. The only downside with this material is that it is not very comfortable, to say the least. However, the dog will feel like he is in a cocoon when he is sprawled inside, provided it’s covered with thick blankets or something.

durable dog bed

Wicker beds have been trendy in recent years as they provide a rustic look to your decor. Not only are these baskets lightweight, but they are more user-friendly than plastic baskets. Wicker provides better ventilation, however, it is more difficult to maintain. With respect to durability, it may not stand a chance with dogs having a destructive behavior.

If you want to prioritize the comfort of the dog, you can opt for a cozy basket in quilted or enveloping fabric. The advantage with fabric beds is that there is no need to add a carpet inside. The bed itself is ready for use just the way it is. Soft beds, on the other hand, are difficult to maintain. Hair, fleas, and mites will cling to it easily. This shouldn’t be a major concern if the envelope of the bed can be machine-cleaned. Fabric beds can also be used in addition to or on top of a plastic bed.

However, soft beds are not likely to resist too long if your dog starts chewing or scratching the fabric. So you need to look for something better.

chew proof bed



Specific features to look for in non chewable dog beds


Frame and base

A completely non chewable bed (or as close as it can be) should be made with a sturdy frame (metal or resin preferably) and a durable and strong base fabric similar to ripstop nylon or vinyl.

No edges or seams

Corners and seamed edges made with fabric are very attractive to chewing dogs. The ideal durable bed model should have minimal edges, hidden zippers, if any, and reinforced or dual seams, to distract your dog away from having destructive thoughts.



An essential feature of any non chewable dog bed is being waterproof or, at a minimum, have some kind of waterproof liner. After all, what’s the point in buying a bed that withstands your friend’s chewing habits, but is ruined by other factors?

indestructible dog bed

Easy to clean

In line with the above, you want to make sure the bed you are considering is easy to maintain. In practice, it can be hosed or wiped down easily or at least comes with a removable, machine washable cover.



Just because you’re in the market for non chewable dog beds you should not forget about basic features! Ensure the bed size is suitable to your canine friend and it is strong enough based on his weight. Most non chewable dog beds should indicate what is the maximum allowable weight it can sustain, especially if it is a raised model.

As an example, you will need to make sure your Mastiff is comfortable in his bed, which should be a little taller than his body. Don’t give him an oversized bed, as he can easily lose his bearings with too much space. If your dog likes to feel leaned on some sort of support, look for a model with a contour or rim.


One of the most important element to consider when buying a dog bed is the manufacturer’s warranty. An extended warranty usually means it works as no product manufacturer would stay in business if they replace the products they sell on a regular basis.

Non chewable dog beds: Our preferred model

We have selected a model that should serve as a good base to make your decision. You don’t need to buy this particular model but try to get a bed with similar features.

Tierlando® S5-02


Tierlando S5-02 chew proof dog bed

Main Features

Thanks to its XXL size, this model is particularly spacious even for large dogs. Your canine friend can easily settle into this bed. It is therefore suitable for all breeds of dog.

In addition to its dimensions, this model comes with an attractive design. It has a velvety appearance and its black color adapts easily to different types of decor. You can set it up in the living room, kitchen, bedroom or in any other room in the house and it will fit right in and your canine friend will be comfortably set up.


This spacious bed is comfortable and durable for your dog. Thanks to its premium design, this bed is quite sturdy. Indeed, it is made in a scratch resistant fabric that your dog does not risk damaging with his claws.

Ease of maintenance

The bed is also available with a waterproof cover to optimize its durability and longevity as it provides effective protection against splashes and all kinds of liquids.

That’s not all! The fabric does not retain hair, which makes it much easier to clean. You don’t need to brush your pet’s hair all the time. Note that the Tierlando® S5-02 bed cover is removable and washable. Just take it off to clean your pet’s bedding, thanks to the convenient a zipper installed inside the cover.


diy dog grooming table

DIY Dog Grooming Table: Huge Savings Ahead!

Dogs of all breeds need regular grooming. It is important not only to monitor the nutrition and health of the animal, but also to have appropriate grooming. Here’s a DIY dog grooming table plan that will put money in your pocket.

Especially when it comes to preparing exhibitions, quality grooming is essential. A professional haircut involves the availability of the necessary tools and equipment. A good grooming table is an integral part of the tools required to keep your dog beautiful and attractive.

An ordinary table or a bedside table is not quite suitable for cosmetic procedures, as a cheerful dog will turn and interfere. It is also very likely that the animal will be injured in the fall. The dog should be secured with a collar that is attached to a special holder. This will help give the animal stability and calm him down during the haircut procedure.

do-it-yourself dog grooming table

Best DIY Dog Grooming Table Plan

In order for the dog to be trimmed evenly and efficiently, you need to make sure that it is firmly secured during the grooming process. Holder for grooming will ensure the animal’s immobility. You can buy a ready-made table from the pet store, or you can make it yourself and save tons of money. The size of the table and the height of the stand should be tailored to the dog’s body.

To make a grooming table, you can take a regular table of the right size. Attach an L-shaped tripod from one top edge and attach the collar. The fixtures are made in different ways. You can also create a support in the form of an arc that will be fixed from one edge to the other of the table. Warning! If the table is large, it can be used to cut two animals, respectively, and two collars are needed. This option is suitable for small pets.

Materials and tools

When choosing tools for your DIY dog grooming table, you need to understand the model you need. If you are building the table itself yourself, rather than buying an off-the-shelf model, then you need to choose the right material. For the manufacture of the table, a durable material is needed, such as wood or metal or a combination of different types. Some types of material can cause an allergic reaction in animals, so it is important to make the right choice.

groom dog at home

Making a tripod is not difficult. You can use two metal tubes which will be inserted into each other. You also need tools and equipment such as a metalworking machine, hacksaw, drill, ruler, pencil or marker for marking, fasteners.

Drawings and measurements

When creating a table, you should prepare a drawing of the layout of the chosen model. On a sheet of paper you need to draw a table showing the height and width of each part. Drawings with measurements can be made on the Internet or purchased in a store. These days there are a wide variety of options suitable for a particular dog or breed. Warning! Plan appropriately and we will ensure your table is durable and high-quality.

Design and shapes

Today there is a huge selection of tables of different models. You should base your design on intended use. If a table needs to be moved or transported to the exhibit, you should set it up with wheels. It will be convenient to use.

It should be borne in mind that dogs of large breeds are quite difficult to groom at home. To do this, it is better to contact specialists. In the salons you will find ideas of professional equipment that will allow you to perform the procedure more efficiently.

professional grooming table for dogs

Larger tables are used for working in trade shows. When cutting, convenience is important and therefore it is necessary to be able to fix the animal at different angles. The tripod must therefore be mounted at different heights. A rotating model allows you not to be distracted from the process, and easily perform the procedure by simply rotating the base of the table around the axis. The bracket should be mounted at different heights. When choosing a round table shape, there will be no inconvenience when cutting, as square and rectangular product corners often interfere.

Important! A folding table is convenient because it does not take up much space when assembled. All parts are removable, and if you need to cut the dog on the fly, it can be easily assembled. The compact model is easy to pack in a crate and is suitable for use while travelling.

DIY Dog Grooming Table Instructions

First you need to build the base and shape it to your choice. To do this, use the drawing to trace the the shape and then cut off the excess. The legs should be fixed at the back. You can take metal blanks and secure them with clips, or you may prefer wooden pieces.
If you want to make a table with wheels, then they should be attached to the legs with a drill and fixing bolts.

dog grooming tips

An important part of making a grooming table is attaching a stand with a collar. It is made of two metal tubes, one of which has an angled end. A larger diameter part should be attached to the side of the table. This can be done without resorting to a hole. Just use fasteners for fixing. You can also drill a hole in the side and insert a tube, secure at the back with a screw.

A tube with a smaller diameter should be inserted into the first one and secured with a screw. When loosened, the bracket is fixed at the desired height, when twisted, it is fixed.

The end of the metal tube of a smaller diameter should be bent, a clamp should be attached to it. It is important to ensure a strong fixation so that the animal does not injure himself during the grooming process.

As a final note, if the dog is not being groomed for the first time, which is quite common, you may be able not need a tripod.

wash a dog in the bathtube

In order for your canine friend to look happy and beautiful, you should always use the appropriate equipment, including a quality grooming table. It will facilitate your work because, after all, active animals don’t always want to sit still! A well-trimmed dog will make an impact at any exhibition and will bring its owners a lot of pride and satisfaction!

best beds for an english bulldog

The 5 best beds for an English Bulldog

Your English Bulldog must eat, exercise, play and then recover well while sleeping! Today we will review for you the best beds for an English Bulldog.

Profitable rest is essential for your English Bulldog to recuperate well and keep good level of energy. The quality of sleep is really important as he can be in sleeping mode for an average of 10 to 12 hours a day! And as he gets older, he will sleep more and more … This is the reason why, in the list of essential equipment for your English Bulldog, you will have to remain really attentive to the quality of the bed you will choose for him.

What are the best beds for an English Bulldog?

It’s not always easy to choose between a rug, a blanket, a cushion or a mattress? If you are looking for a good, nice sleep for your English Bulldog, below you will learn about the many products to select according to its usage and the profile of your Bulldog friend.

Below, we refer to specific models to highlight the features we find most important in a bed for your Bulldog. Our recommendation is offered to better guide your choice and decision.

english bulldog in its bed

For puppies: Ferplast Siesta Deluxe plastic bed

If you experience any inconvenience with your English Bulldog puppy who has not yet learned potty training, the washing will really be quick and easy. This bed will be more hygienic than mattresses or cushions. In addition, it is ultra-resistant, so no hassle when the puppy is going to bite the bed!

Little tip

This is a rigid bed and of course it might not satisfy your English Bulldog. If you want a more comfortable basket, we recommend adding a blanket or small mattress. This way, your English Bulldog puppy will happily get comfortable in its new bed.

Product Features

  • Sturdy plastic
  • Equipped with a headrest
  • Perforated bottom for good ventilation
  • Anti-slip guaranteeing good stability
  • Available in several sizes from XS to XL

bed for english bulldog puppy

For adult English Bulldogs: Cushion – Knuffelwuff Bed Dreamline

This is one of the best beds for an English Bulldog who has gone through his “destroy everything” period. It is cozy and also easy to take with you. The cushion is removable or can be machine washed which is a must, otherwise the cushion will quickly smell. Obviously, you will need to select it to the size of your English Bulldog with some extra space so your dog is not cramped in its bed.

Regarding the type of shape to select, I recommend the bed with raised edges because your English Bulldog will be able to “dig” himself a comfortable spot. Many models do not fit in the washing machine and the upper part is not always removable. For this reason, it is best to favor a model such as this one for ease of maintenance. Among the many possibilities offered in the market, I selected the Knuffelwuff Dreamline dog bed for the following features:

Very comfortable cushion

Soft padding and high sides give your English Bulldog a feeling of being sheltered. Its cushion has a padding of 6 inches, therefore your dog will not feel the hardness of the floor, and will keep warm. The raised side and rear edges will also contribute to keep your English Bulldog warm.

High quality cushion

The materials used to make this bed are of high quality and very resistant. The bed will also last much longer for your restless English Bulldog.

Easy-care cushion

This bed is very easy to maintain because the removable covers have a zipper and are machine washable. The underside of the cushion is made of insulating and non-slip fabric.

Affordable model

If you are on a tight budget or don’t want to spend too much, this bed offers great value for money. Its cost can fit most budget.

Product Features

  • Very robust and resistant to scratching
  • Fully removable
  • Undeformable
  • High quality branded product
  • Replacement covers available separately

english bulldog in deep sleep

Best beds for an English Bulldog for all purposes: Hero Dog Rug

The Hero Dog Rug is very comfortable, easy to carry and ideal for the adult English Bulldog that has passed his “destruction” period. You should choose a model with removable covers so it can be washed regularly. The anti-slip and washable model is particularly recommended.

Ideal rug for its maintenance

The rug can go in the washing machine and it keeps its shape and remains as comfortable as before. You can also clean it with a brush or a towel to remove dust and hair.

Ideal rug for home, car or vacation

Non-slip and light, it is ideal to be easily carried on vacation, put on the back seat of a vehicle or of course on the floor of the hotel room. It’s an essential, multi-purpose rug.

Product Features

  • Orthopedic mat
  • 100% cotton cushion
  • Non-slip base
  • Several colors and sizes available

puppy english bulldog sleeping on rug

Best bed for English Bulldogs hanging outdoors: The Knuffelwuff Jerry bed

In the event that you leave your pet outside during the day, it is strongly recommended that you provide a warm bed in its kennel. And if it has no shelter, put a suitable mattress in a dry place, away from wind, sun and rain. The bed should be waterproof and of course thick enough for optimal comfort. The thicker the bedding, the better your English Bulldog will stay weatherproof. Here too, it is better to ensure that the cover is removable, the bed can go in the washing machine or otherwise easy to wash by hand. My choice is the Knuffelwuff water repellent faux leather bed which is meeting all of the following criteria:

  • Very robust and scratch resistant
  • Easy to maintain because the cover is removable
  • Water repellent therefore waterproof

Product Features

  • Cover: imitation leather
  • Contour padding: Chip foam
  • Padding sleeping surface: Foam plate
  • Bottom: Non-slip and insulating fabric
  • Replacement covers available separately

english bulldog with friend

For senior English Bulldogs: Shape memory foam bed

The PetFusion Serenity Lounge will relieve the spine and the joints of your old English Bulldog. In addition you can add a memory foam pillow which will provide your English Bulldog with optimal comfort when sleeping. This model is made up of a thermo-elastic memory foam system similar to those made for humans.

Why choose the PetFusion Serenity Lounge bed?

  • For its high-end components
  • Because of its resistant metal zipper
  • For easy cleaning
  • Because the cover is waterproof and tear resistant
  • For the machine washable removable cover

Product Features

  • Base in 6 inch memory foam for more comfort, less joint pain and better health, mobility and more energy for the dog
  • Soft and durable suede microfibers
  • Clever design – this bed will fit in well with your home furnishings

english bulldog sleeping outdoors

how much weight can a dog carry

How much weight can a dog carry?

You want to go on an adventure, alone or with friends, but one thing is certain, your dog will be there and you may want him to carry stuff! But the question is how much weight can a dog carry?

Naturally, when you go camping, the weight of the backpack gets heavier very quickly. Once the tent, the water and the food are put away there is not much more you can carry and you have to limit yourself as much as possible because you already feel the weight on your back! So it’s natural to think of your canine friend, what if we made him bear his part, at the least its food and toys?

Is it a good or bad idea? Let’s try to take stock together, between the precautions to be taken into account, and the big mistakes to be avoided.

dog with a backpack

Conditions for choosing a good backpack for a dog

the first thing to consider is the bag! One might be tempted to spend as little money as possible and hope the bag will do the job, but I think we’ve all, at least once, traveled or hiked with a heavy bag shearing our shoulders.

Now imagine if your dog is not able to correct its position if the bag is leaning too far off on one side. This may put undue stress on its back and cause pain and discomfort. For the health of our dogs, we must be conscientious in choosing equipment that could have serious consequences.

How much weight can a dog carry? Important backpack features to look for

According to experts, the backpack must be adjusted to the dog’s body shape, so that it does not swing when walking or worse, does not turn on one side. Most of the weight should be distributed over the forearm, shoulders and rib cage, not the spine.

dog with harness and bag

It is essential that the contents of the two bags have an equivalent weight so as not to create muscular imbalance (one shoulder more stressed than the other). Ideally, heavy objects should not be all the way down, at the bottom, which could create a swaying effect, but rather as high as possible against the zipper and held securely in place.

Not all dogs are created equal when it comes to carrying a weighted backpack! To say that only properly muscled and generally “fit” dogs can wear a weighted backpack is to open the door to all abuses. After all, our dog is bound to be an athlete, whether he is a Great Dane or a Chihuahua, right?

Several criteria should be taken into account. Dogs that are too young (under two years old) or too old (over eight years old) should not carry a bag. The dog’s morphology is so important and the use of the backpack on thinner and leggy dogs should be carefully considered.

Dogs that are overweight should not carry weight and dogs that are too thin, are arthritic or have health problems should never carry a pack of any type whatsoever. We stand the risk to damage the paraspinal muscles, abdominal muscles, and those surrounding the thoracic limbs of the dogs if we are not careful.

dog and owner taking a walk

Before assessing how much weight can a dog carry, a bone health check-up is recommended, and if you’re afraid of making the wrong decision, and need an objective opinion on your dog’s physical condition, you can always take your dog to the vet for a physical examination. A veterinarian can tell you precisely the weak points of your dog and recommend strength training exercises to improve on them.

Hiking precautions (long duration)

It’s one thing to have a fit dog and an ideal backpack, it’s another evaluate dog fatigue and harness irritation. For short walks, there is no need to worry but for hikes of several hours, or even several days, it is essential that the dog can take a break every hour without equipment on his back. The break can be a quiet time, or a game, each dog will have their preferences. Many bags allow you to detach the saddlebags and leave a harness, but it is also possible to remove the harness to give your brave canine companion complete freedom of movement and full relaxation.

Do not make the mistake of evaluating the fatigue of your dog according to your own energy level. It is quite very easy to stretch your walking time more and more with weighted saddlebags, but the following days are often very painful. Between aches and pains, blisters and stiffness, the resistance of your dog will be damn low and the rest of the day may be less pleasant.

Hiking Backpack Mountains Landscape Nature Dog

In order to prevent irritation and blisters as much as possible, some experienced hikers put a T-shirt under the harness – everyone should experiment to see what will work best for your dog.

How much weight can a dog carry with its backpack?

Let’s tackle together the most important point of this article, the recommended ballast in the bag! It is difficult to find concrete information because no study has been conducted on the subject. These are therefore recommendations from professionals in the field (veterinarians, physiotherapist, osteopaths, etc.).

The maximum recommended weight in the saddlebags is calculated based on the dog’s weight. Usually, estimates are roughly 10% to 30% (including backpack weight). For a 20kg dog, this would equate to a weight range of 2 to 6kg. One might be tempted to go for the high range of the estimate, because “my dog is muscular”. After all, wouldn’t it be great to give him 5-6 kg and have that less in your own bag?

The best criteria to follow is the way your dog is behaving when carrying a certain weight. Of course, don’t go to the point where you are asking yourself “Why is my dog panting and restless?”. Obviously, in that case, you have asked too much of your dog.

What can we conclude on the weighted backpack?

With field evidence we understand how much aiming at a 30% load, even for a very large dog, seems disproportionate. Most animals, such as horses, are much better equipped to pull loads than to carry them, it is therefore necessary to use moderation so as not to ruin the backs of our dear companions. 10% load seems ideal to maintain, and if your dog is really rather massive and athletic (Rottweiler, Malinois …) you can possibly increase to 15-20% load over short distances.

how much weight can a dog carry with a bagpack

How to get the dog used to the backpack?

The advantage of well-thought-out backpacks is that they are divided into two parts: an independent harness, and saddlebags that can be hung using clips and straps. The ideal way to get your dog accustomed is therefore to start with the harness alone, which often differs from the “Y” harnesses that your dog may wear on a daily basis. Let him get used to the equipment for a few walks. After a week or two, you can add the empty saddlebag and keep “practising”.

Gradually, we will add weight in the bags, making sure it si appropriately balanced. The most practical approach is to use croquettes or rice, which you can weigh and then divide into small bags that you will fill as you go. Don’t be impatient to add more weight, it should be done over a month or two to allow the shoulders and back of your dog to build up properly.

dog food trays and bowls

How to choose dog food trays and bowls

If you thought that choosing dog food trays and bowls was easy, you were wrong! Ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, wood, flat or with edges, you have access to a wide choice of options.

The number of different models of trays and bowls for dogs is so large that the choice can be very complicated. The material, size, shape are all criteria to take into consideration.

Stainless steel or stainless steel bowls

The stainless steel bowls are light and do not affect the taste of food or water. They are easy to clean on a daily basis. The underside can be fitted with a non-slip coating to prevent the dog from moving its bowl while eating. Stainless steel bowls or trays are not offered in a large variety of colors but has good resistance over time. It also has the advantage of being hypoallergenic.

stainless dog food bowl

Plastic bowls and trays

The plastic bowls and trays are more eye-catching for the owner, as they are often very colorful or decorated with fanciful patterns. Beware of this material, as many dogs can develop an allergy with repeated contact with plastic. Plastic bowls do not age very well, as they end up scratching and becoming more difficult to clean. Over time, plastic material can impart an unpleasant odor to dog food or even water.

What about ceramic dog food bowls?

A ceramic bowl is usually heavy enough to be stable and not easlily tossed by your dog. It can be colored or decorated with patterns and is very easy to clean up. Ceramics do not alter the taste of food or water. The main drawback of this material remains its risk of breakage.

ceramic dog food bowls

The right bowl size

The size of the bowl should be adapted to the size of your dog. Do not take a very small bowl if your dog is weighing more than 60 -70 lbs. Use a smaller bowl and adapt the size as the grows bigger. If you have a medium-sized dog, his puppy bowl can be kept for his entire life. Some bowls can be adapted on a tripod or an adjustable support to allow your dog to eat in a comfortable position, otherwise the use of dog food trays is a sensible and simple solution.

Choose the right shape

The good bowl shape has low edges. For dogs with long, hanging ears, a tall, pyramid-shaped bowl is very practical. Some dogs devour their food more than they eat. For them, there are special bowls, so-called anti-gluttonous bowls, to calm their voracity. A central island forces the dog to take only small bites and therefore forced to eat more slowly. The bottom of the bowl may have reliefs having the same effect. Dogs with short noses like bulldogs or boxers have specially designed bowls, both curved and striated.

dog food trays and bowls

What if I go on a trip?

Choose a foldable bowl for long trips. It stores easily in a bag. Also think about it for your hikes: essential for your dog to drink if you don’t come across a water point!

Want to build your own wooden dog food trays?

Like any good dog owner, you may want to offer your canine friend a practical way to appropriately feed himself. This DIY idea should please those of you who that are looking for an easy and simple way to make a nice looking tray for dog bowls.

Gone are the bowls that are tossed around at meal time, now they will remain in place and the surroundings will stay dry and clean. Also, if your dog finds it difficult to restrain himself from rushing into the bowl before you have put it on the ground, this support will seem very practical to you. Lift it up, fill the bowls and you’ll find it easier to set them up on the floor without worrying about spilling its content all over. You will also appreciate its sleek look that will turn the tray into a nicely designed storage unit.

Here is the step-by-step process:

Step 1 : Start by making marks on your wooden cleats, at 5.5 inches then at 11 inches and finally at 14.5 inches and saw the pieces.

diy wooden dog food trays
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv
pet food trays and bowls
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv

Step 2 : You will get 4 pieces of 3.5 inches, 4 pieces of 14.5 inches cm and 5 pieces of 5.5 inches. Sand them to avoid splinters.

diy wooden pet food tray
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv

Step 3 :  Begin the assembly by screwing them.Reproduce a rectangle of the same size, without the central cleat.

pet food tray made of wood
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv


Step 4 : Drill and screw a 5.5 inch strip in the center.

diy wooden dog food trays
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv

Step 5 : Finish the top part.

diy wooden dog food support for bowls
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv

Step 6 : Reproduce a rectangle of the same size, without the central cleat.

Step 7 :  Glue the 3.5 inch battens in each corner, vertically.  

diy wooden tray for food bowls
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv

Step 8 : Glue the top part on the 4 pillars you just installed.

diy wooden dog food support
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv

Final step : You will only have to add the bowls and you will have completed the making of your tray.

diy wooden tray
Credit : YouTube Screen Capture – weldomtv

If you prefer, you can check out the video on how to make the tray.

Your dog will enjoy even more his food!