vasculitis in dog's ears

Vasculitis In Dogs’ Ears: Not Just Any Skin Issue

Vasculitis in dogs’ ears is an inflammatory response of the blood vessels in the skin. There is not always an obvious reason or cause behind this condition. Sometimes vasculitis of the dogs’ ears is caused by an adverse response to a drug or vaccination. Other times it is due to a tick-borne disease like Lyme and Ehrlichia, or just an autoimmune reaction to an unknown situation.

dog spinal infection

How to Deal with a Dog Spinal Infection Condition

This post will go through the ins and outs of dog spinal infection condition which is called in scientific terms a discospondylitis (or spondylodiscitis). The term discospondylitis (or spondylodiscitis) in dogs indicates an infection of an intervertebral disc and the vertebral plates of two adjacent vertebrae. The infection is often times of bacterial origin but …

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