can you use a conditioner on dogs

Can you use a conditioner on dogs?

Not only can you use a conditioner on dogs but along with the appropriate comb they will be your best allies to keep your dog’s hair clean and silky. This article will go over the right products to use as well as the appropriate techniques to detangle the hair of your canine friend.

Why detangle the hair of your dog?

This may sound like a stupid question but in order to keep a coat in top condition, it is important to brush your dog’s hair several times a week, or even every day for long-haired dogs. Regular brushing helps keep the coat in top condition for a long period of time. The more regularly you brush it, the easier it will be to detangle each time. Detangling is therefore an essential grooming practice for the coat of your dog.

Detangling your pet’s hair is sometimes difficult, especially for long-haired dogs and cats, as they often have stubborn knots. Regular brushing of its fur prevents the formation of knots. However, it is often difficult to remove these knots. To gently detangle your dog’s hair, you can use different techniques. The important thing is to avoid pulling out too much hair and to avoid hurting your dog.


Can you use a conditioner on dogs? The first detangling phase

The comb and the conditioner are two essential products for detangling the hair of your dog.

We recommend to use a stripping comb, one with large teeth of over 2cm and a wide spacing between each of them. This comb removes the dead fluff (dead undercoat) without tearing the living hair. Whether you need unclog, detangle or straighten, you can use any of the following combs for best results:

Comb with a wooden handle

This comb is very good value for money since it is quite inexpensive. On the other hand, it is more fragile because the wooden handle will wear out over time and the teeth of the comb can come loose quite rapidly.

detangle your dog's hair

Comb with a plastic handle (or premium comb)

This type has a very long service life. In addition, it usually has an ergonomic handle which offers a better grip.

Comb with rotating teeth

The rotating teeth allow you to comb your animal while limiting the antistatic effects. Thanks to the rotating teeth, you pull out less hair and your pet’s fur is best preserved.

Can you use a conditioner on dogs? Absolutely!

The right conditioner to use on your dog should be a moisturizing spray that will lubricate the hair a little so as to reduce the formation of knots. It strengthens and protects the hair by preventing it from drying out. You can use it before brushing on dry or wet hair, but also before washing your dog to reinforce the effects of the shampoo. It will make brushing easier for you and make your dog’s fur smooth and shiny.

Why is my human shampoo not good for your dog

In addition, the antistatic properties of the conditioner, make it indispensable for the grooming of dogs with long hair. It should definitely be part of your dog grooming toolbox!

Using the right shampoos is also important!

Shampoos for dogs are designed with a special formula to adapt to the specific needs of their skin and coat. There are several varieties, even for young puppies! So it’s easy to get lost through all the products offered in the market.

Why is my “human” shampoo not good for your dog?

The difference is particularly in your skin: while it has a pH of 5.5, which makes it a little “acidic”, the pH of a dog’s skin is around 7. It is essential that the shampoo formula is adapted to the pH of your dog so as not to irritate its skin!

Natural products are not recommended also as they tend dry out a dog’s skin in the long run. So, it’s best to invest in true dog shampoos for best results!


What are the types of dog shampoo?

Here are the most common products you should consider to groom your dog:

Oatmeal Shampoo: Helps hydrate your dog’s skin, fighting dryness and lack of shine in the coat.

Astringent Shampoo: Unlike oil-based products, it fights the oily appearance of the skin. As it is quite potent, on the other hand, it should be used occasionally and be diluted.

Deodorant Shampoo: This shampoo contains the most effective anti-odor formulas.

Whitening shampoo: Used for dogs like bichons, whose coat tends to darken due to dirt and also helps restore a certain purity.

Shampoo for wire coats: In order not to “damage” the texture of the coat of certain wire-haired dogs, for example the airedale terrier and the dachshund, it is also preferable to buy a product that is specifically suited for this type of dog hair.

The comb is essential for detangling the hair of your dog

Appropriate detangling techniques

To untangle a knot with a comb, you must adopt the right combing techniques. It consists in sliding the knot over the coat without tearing it, so that it ends up coming off on its own. The key point of this technique is to put in enough strenght, required to slide the knot. This technique is broken down into 4 important steps:

First, insert the comb into your pet’s fur and press the comb firmly against his skin.

Second, work your way up the hair until you meet some stiff resistance. Insist slightly without forcing too much so as not to pull the hair out.

Third, when facing resistance, rotate the comb about 90 degrees.

Lastly, take the comb out of the coat and repeat the operation several times until the knot comes off.


How to eliminate persistent knots

Not only can you use a conditioner on dogs but in a case where your canine friend has stubborn knots you should use an ultra detangling spray. Brushing and combing your dog’s hair will be greatly facilitated with the use of an ultra detangling spray. It is quite effective at detangling the most tangled furs even with a light spray.

When you locate a persistent knot, spray the product directly onto the knot. Its action takes effect quite rapidly and then you only have to comb through the knot. An ultrav detangler will also make your dog’s coat shine!

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