dog food for brain health

Best dog food for brain health

As dog owners we would be so happy if our canine friends could grow old and stay smart, alert and playful until the very end of their life. Choosing the best dog food for brain health will contribute to meeting that goal.

As he grows older, many processes in your dog’s body start to slow down. These changes primarily affect his brain and nervous system, because these important organs are very sensitive to a decrease in the amount of nutrients and oxygen provided to the body. Therefore, your dog will need all the help he can get to maintain his brain functions in good condition, particularly when he reaches an older age, which in general is considered to at roughly 7-8 years olds. Of course, this can vary depending on the breed.

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Best dog food for brain health

Antioxidant complex

As part of his nutritious and healthy diet, your dog should be provided with an increased amount of omega-3 fatty acids which will improve the learning process in older dogs and accelerate brain activity, vitamins of group B and iron which will help maintain good memory, and in combination with L-tryptophan will also strengthen the nervous system and reduce the effect of stress on the body.

Natural antioxidants will increase the immunity of your dog, slow down the aging of all cells in the body, and also make sure that the dog always has a good mood and a positive attitude. Do not hesitate, such add-on to the diet will certainly make your four-legged old age happy, calm and alert!

Among other things, this diet perfectly takes care of the work of the body of an elderly dog, helping him to cope well with his daily activities and withstand punctual challenges. Thanks to an adapted protein content, dog food for brain health can supply the dog with sufficient energy and maintain muscle mass.

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Reduced fat content

A diet with reduced fat content is another key element that will prevent excess weight gain. In addition, L-carnitine promotes the breakdown of fats and converts them into vitality, which the dog desperately needs in old age. An increased amount of taurine will give the animal a hardy and strong heart, and food rich in beta-carotene, will guarantee excellent vision.

To help the digestive tract works well and toxins regularly removed from the intestines, food formulas should be supplemented with plant fiber.

We have discussed the benefits of Omega-3-6 fatty acids above. We should also point out that they will support supple skin and flawlessly beautiful, silky coat.

As you can see, dog food for brain health should really be complete and cater to all body functions. One additional word on that front is to note that a diet with reduced content of phosphorus and sodium will protect the pet’s kidneys from damage and prevent the accumulation of excess fluid in the dog’s body.

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Great taste!

Of course, any type of dog food for brain health should also taste great so that the most fastidious tailed gourmet cannot resist it! This will maintain the appetite of an aging dog and, as a result, improve the vitality of the whole body.

If choose a croquette or soft food formula with a well thought out structure, comfortable for biting, pleasant aroma and amazingly bright, rich meat taste, your dog will gladly gobble up the offered portion and immediately ask for more!

Summary of the key components of the best dog food for brain health

Vitamin E

  • With other antioxidants (including carotenoids and flavonoids)
  • Neutralizes free radicals.
  • Helps correct age-related changes in behavior

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  • Increases the efficiency of energy production in mitochondria.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA)
  • Supports the vital functions of cell membranes


  • Reduced content to support heart and kidney function in older dogsCellulose


  • Higher content to promote normal bowel function in older dogs

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Review of Hill’s B/D Specialty Diet to support brain health in dogs

I have an elderly dog which we all love and we hope to keep him healthy for many more years ahead so I tried to look for the appropriate food … so that it is not only nutritious, but also delicious, and most importantly useful for his aging body.

With age, the dog needs less food and it should be different from that of a youger dog.

We like the Hill’s food line and because my dog is sensitive to diet changes we don’t jump from one food type to another and have stuck with Hill’s.

In my opinion, Hill’s B/D dog food for brain health is not only nutritious, but also includes most of the above mentioned components.

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This food is very suitable for older dogs. In addition to maintaining brain activity, it supports the nervous system, heart, kidneys, and liver and helps fight the signs of aging in your dog.

If you transition your dog to a new diet, it should be done slowly, over 7-10 days. I speak from experience!

The food is suitable for a wide variety of breeds, the croquettes are small and relatively soft and can be broken even with your fingers.

We have been giving this food to our dog for the past 6 weeks and so far his digestion is stable and stools are normal. Our dog has never been active even in adulthood, but his level of energy is also stable and he sleeps a lot he always goes for a walk with pleasure. Also, his eyes and ears are clean and his hair is in good condition.

I think this dog food for brain health is intended to support our aging canine friends but miracles should not be expected. But still, at least old age for our dog can be enjoyable.

Best dog food for brain health – Can it help a dog’s memory?

The benefits of good dog nutrition is undeniable but we don’t know how extended they are. Can food designed to specifically promote brain health help functions such as memory?

With the best food for brain health do dogs recognize their parents or sibblings better after they have been separated? Do they remember people they have met a while back? The jury is out as science has not been able to answer these questions yet.

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