Best dog food for autoimmune disease prevention

Best dog food for autoimmune disease prevention


The development of your dog’s immune system begins at conception. Her mother allows her to strengthen her defenses, first in her womb and then through her milk. With the best dog food for autoimmune disease prevention you can keep supporting its natural defenses.

Your dog’s immune system is important during the course of its entire life. No matter if your dog is young or old, immune defences will help him stay active and healthy and allow him to face life change and challenges, and protect him as he gets exposed to his changing environment. Therefore, strengthening your dog’s immune system is now a major component of any premium dog diet.

Immune Defenses in a Dog

In this article we will discuss the best dog food for autoimmune disease prevention, but first we need to understand the basics of a dog’s immune system.

What are Immune Defenses in a Dog?

Your dog’s immune defenses consist of a complex system, protecting it from foreign elements, such as bacteria and viruses. The development of its defenses occurs gradually in a dog’s growth period. Reinforcing this development from an early age is essential, since it can greatly influence his health for the rest of his life.

Best dog food for autoimmune disease prevention: Nutrients Are The Key!

High-end food helps build your dog’s immune system thanks to the nutrients it contains. These are substances that provide essential food sources for the body to grow and function properly. When it comes to nutrients that are beneficial for dogs, scientific studies have shown that food fortified with antioxidants can strengthen their immune defenses (National Research Council, 2006; Koelsch & Smith, 2001).

nutrients in dog food


Antioxidants are vitamins, minerals and micronutrients naturally found in various foods that help protect cells as well as prevent damage from free radicals. Those are produced during normal body function, but can also be decreased by external factors, such as pollution, tobacco or UV rays. When the amount of free radicals is too high, they can impact the DNA, lipids and proteins of cells.

Vitamin E, manganese, and zinc are examples of naturally occurring antioxidants that may be found in premium dog food. These antioxidants are especially helpful when your dog is young but they can also be important as your dog gets older, because their immune defenses tend to weaken and antioxidants will mitigate this downward curve. Antioxidants can also be beneficial if your dog is undergoing any form of change, or is recovering from a disease or condition.

Your Dog’s First Barrier of Defenses: Healthy Skin and Coat

While antioxidants are essential for your dog’s internal health, healthy skin and coat are major players in their external defense. This is its first barrier of defenses against the outside world.

Dog’s First Barrier of Defenses Healthy Skin and Coat

Your dog’s skin and coat are both constantly renewing themselves, and their regeneration takes full advantage of the nutrients in their diet. Making the right food choice for your dog is therefore of utmost importance. This will help keep his skin and coat healthy, as well as strengthen his first line of defense. This is especially important during the moulting season, if there is an immune deficiency or when it could be exposed to fleas or other parasites.

Studies have shown that the best dog food for autoimmune disease prevention should contain omega-6 fatty acids and zinc which support healthy skin and coat, so keep this in mind when choosing your food.

Some Factors To Take Into Account Other than Food

Your dog’s lifestyle can also have a significant impact on the strength of its immune system. Exercise has also been shown to have a very positive effect on the immune system. This could mean going for a short walk or playing with your dog. Physical exercise promotes blood circulation, which increases the rate of oxygen sent to cells, thereby participating in the body’s natural repair and regeneration process. It also encourages good periods of rest as well as deeper sleep, further contributing to the repair of the body and the development of its defenses.

Spending time and energy with your dog is also good for you! Not only do you benefit from physical activity, it also strengthens your bond, so go for it!

Best dog food for autoimmune disease prevention: Don’t forget the benefits of water!

By providing your dog with constant access to fresh, clean water, you will also go a long way in strengthening his immune system. Indeed, its cells are made up of more than 70% water and keeping your dog hydrated allows its entire body to function properly. In addition to promoting cell growth and repair, water helps regulate body temperature. It helps distribute oxygen throughout the body, through the blood system, and helps the brain to function properly.

keep your dog hydrated

Wet food is also a good way to help your dog stay hydrated and keep his whole body healthy.

Healthy Dogs Are Happy Dogs

Thanks to healthy immune defenses, your dog will stay healthy, vibrant and energetic. They accompany him throughout his life and help him transition to new environments or new stages in his life, with strength and ease.

A high-end, complete, balanced diet adapted to your dog’s age, meeting all of his nutritional needs, while helping to strengthen his immune system is essential!

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