Basset Hound Potty Training Tips

Basset Hound Potty Training Tips

Whether you’ve recently acquired a Basset Hound or are just looking to train one, you’ll want to know how to properly train your dog to use the potty. There are a number of Basset Hound Potty training tips to keep in mind when educating your new friend, including studying their bathroom habits and cleaning up the area where they pee.

Crate training

Keeping your Basset Hound inside the house can be an important part of its potty training. It is essential to provide your puppy with a crate. A crate will keep your dog safe and allow him to rest when he needs to.

You should first start with a small or medium sized crate. This will give your Basset Hound a safe and quiet place to sleep. Be sure to choose a crate with a door. This will allow your puppy to have privacy and also keep the crate from running during the night.

Once your Basset Hound has been put in the crate, keep it close and let him use it for sleeping. After a while, your Basset will get used to it and use it as a bedroom. The crate will also help your Basset Hound to learn where he can go to the bathroom.

It is important to be consistent in your crate training. Keep the crate doors open between training sessions. Make sure that the crate is soft and free of padding.

It is also important to reward your Basset Hound for using the crate. Use treats as rewards for good behavior. You can also let your Basset Hound use his toy in the crate to get him to feel more secure.

You should also be sure to clean up any accidents. This will help reinforce the association that going potty outside is a good thing. You can also use odor neutralizer to prevent accidents from happening again.

Basset Hound Potty Training

To make crate training easier for your Basset Hound, make sure that you take him out to go potty after meals and after play time. You can also use a leash to keep him in check while he is in the crate.

After he has gone potty, leave the crate and bring him back inside. Your Basset Hound will know when it is time to go to bed and will be less likely to whine about being in the crate.

If your Basset Hound whines and cries during the night, make sure to stay close and talk to him. You should also avoid taking him out while he is crying. It is a very dangerous precedent to set for your dog.

Basset Hound Potty Training: Positive reinforcement

Whether you are a beginner dog owner or a seasoned veteran, there are many techniques you can use to potty train your Basset Hound. Basset Hounds respond well to positive reinforcement. This means that you should praise your dog for good behavior and use treats to reward him when he performs a specific action, such as pottying outside.

Using positive reinforcement is not only effective but also more enjoyable for your dog. A clicker is a great tool to reinforce your positive training. The sound of the clicker will remind your dog of the positive behavior you’re looking for.

Having a consistent schedule is important when you’re training your Basset Hound. Make sure you take your dog outside every two to three hours.

If you are potty training a new puppy, begin by taking it outside after every meal. You can also bring it out after playtime and naptime. This will help your dog get used to going outside, and will keep you from having to repeat the process.

Once you have established a routine for taking your dog outside, you should continue to reinforce your dog’s good behavior. This is especially important if you have several family members. The consistency will help your dog learn faster.

When your dog goes to the bathroom outside, immediately praise your dog and reward him with a tasty treat. You can purchase dog treats at your local grocery store or through your vet. Be sure to select treats that are appropriate for the size of your dog.

It is important to take your Basset Hound outside in the same area each time you take it out. This will help your dog associate the area with the bathroom. You should also clean up the area when you notice an accident.

The scent of previous accidents can also help your dog find the new potty area. You can place some of the urine from past accidents on the new pee pads to help your dog associate the area with the bathroom.

The most important thing to remember is to be consistent when you’re potty training your Basset Hound. Use positive reinforcement, keep your basset hound on a leash, and use your body language to praise your dog.

Studying your dog’s bathroom habits

Taking your Basset Hound potty training seriously can be a daunting task. But there are some simple tricks that can help you overcome this challenge. The most important thing is to be patient, consistent, and gentle when teaching your dog. These tips will help you avoid accidents, and teach your dog to use the bathroom in the right spot.

Before you start potty training your dog, you need to learn to understand his bathroom habits. This will help you predict when your dog needs to go potty and will reduce the number of potty breaks your dog needs during the day.

The first thing you need to do is to select a place to potty train. You can use the outdoors, if you have room, or you can find a spot in your home that is easily accessible. You should choose a spot that is a quiet, low-traffic area and avoid carpeting. If you have a tile floor or a linoleum floor, you can use potty pads.

When you take your Basset Hound outside, you should use a leash and crate him so he doesn’t run around. Place the crate near the door so you can quickly take him back in after he has done his business.

To get your dog to use the potty, use treats to reward him for going outside. This will make the process go much faster.

You can also make use of a pooper scooper to scoop up poo in the yard. You can also use enzymatic cleaners to get rid of any urine smell. These cleaners are also best for biological stains.

As you begin potty training your Basset Hound, make sure that you reward him for going to the potty. You can do this by keeping treats in a pocket. Also, don’t scold him for accidents. He may be afraid to go to the bathroom in front of people, which will cause more accidents.

Aside from these tips, you should also make sure to keep your Basset Hound calm and focused. You can use a white noise machine in the house if there are loud noises outside. You can also use music to calm your dog.

Cleaning the area where your pet pees

Whether you have a Basset Hound or any other type of dog, it is important to clean the area where your dog pees when potty training. This is because dogs’ noses are very sensitive and they will associate the smell of an accident with the bathroom. Using an enzymatic cleaner to remove the urine will help get rid of the smell.

When you bring your puppy home, you should make sure to bring him or her outside to the potty pad and bring him or her back in when they are done. If you have trouble getting your dog to go to the potty, use treats to praise him or her when he or she goes to the potty. It’s also important to bring him or her outside several times a day.

When you’re potty training a Basset Hound, you need to be patient. It can take months to get your dog to go to the potty in the same spot every time. Make sure you reward your dog for peeing in the designated spot.

It’s also important to clean up any puddles that your dog leaves after he or she has peed. Using an enzymatic cleaner will remove the urine odor and get rid of any residue that may be left on the floor.

Control his whereabouts

You should also make sure that you keep your dog on a leash at all times. If you are taking your dog to the potty while you’re outside, make sure to use a long leash. If you are at home, use a treat bag to keep treats in. This way, your dog will be focused on the potty spot and not on you.

There are many reasons why your dog may urinate inside your home. Depending on your dog, these may include anxiety about something outside of the house, loud construction projects, or another dog. To help your dog cope with these situations, you should identify these triggers and change the elements in the house to help calm your dog down.

If you’re having trouble getting your Basset Hound to go to the potty, try setting up a designated potty area in your yard. If you’re working, hire a dog walker to take your dog to the potty at certain times.


Learning potty training techniques is really useful and we hope the above will help your efforts. Don’t hesitate to add tools to your process. They can enhance and speed up your Basset Hound potty training efforts.