Is a Husky a protective dog

Are Huskies Protective Dogs? Are They Loyal?

If you’re looking into getting a dog for protection and you stumble upon the Husky, you may be wondering if this fierce and wolf-like breed would be the right fit for you. While the Husky may look tough and intimidating, they are really a friendly breed that enjoys curling up with owners and being independent. So, are Huskies protective dogs? Let’s find out!

Huskies are loyal, friendly and family oriented, but not necessarily the most protective breed of dog.

Are Huskies Protective?

Well, they certainly can be, as their reaction depends on the situation. But they are usually not suspicious or aggressive towards people, not giving them the best protection or guard dog qualities. You want a guard dog to be leery, alert and defensive. Huskies tend to be more aloof, friendly and curious which doesn’t make for a great protection dog personality.

The Husky breed is definitely one with a pack mentality. They were bred and used to work together as a team, so it only makes sense. Sometimes Huskies have a tendency towards creating an ‘alpha’ in the home, which should ideally be you, the owner. This only makes sense with the pack behaviors they were bred for.

Some people think that just because of their intimidating appearance, that they would be aggressive or mean. However, it is important to know that just because they resemble the wolf, they are not wolves, nor do they act like a wild and undomesticated animal. They are cuddly and affectionate and enjoy spending time with their family or ‘pack’.

There’s a good reason why you don’t see Huskies on the police force, they just aren’t cut out for the job of attacking and taking commands.

are Huskies protective dogs
Cute little husky puppies playing with her dog mom outdoors on a meadow in the garden or park.

Would A Husky Protect His Owner In An Attack?

It entirely depends on the dog, but the majority of Huskies probably wouldn’t protect their owner. In some cases, a not so protective Husky may come to the rescue if they felt like their owner or ‘pack member’ was in danger. Maybe their form of protection or defense comes in the form of warning growls and guarding their owner instead of biting.

As mentioned already, these behaviors and reactions are based entirely on the dog’s individual personality. While some dogs may be quick to fight and defend, others are much more comfortable fleeing the scene.

Are Huskies A Loyal Breed?

Huskies are a very loyal breed, even though they have an independent nature and stubborn personality. These dogs are smart, friendly and loyal through and through. As a veterinary technician, I have seen hundreds of Huskies, some friendlier than others. But there is always an undeniable quality about them, their loyalty towards their owners.

Huskies love their independence almost as much as they love you, as they will talk back all day and give you tons of sass, but they will always be by your side. The older and stronger the bond, the more dedicated your Husky will be to always being with you and making you happy.

Are Huskies Aggressive?

If you’re researching online about whether or not Huskies are protective, you may find some articles about aggression towards other animals or people. I always take these news articles with a grain of salt, as we don’t really know the situation or the dog’s personality. It is not fair for a few dogs of one breed to tarnish the name of the whole lot. The pitbull can attest for how frustrating breed discrimination can be.

Huskies as a whole are not an aggressive breed. With people that is. When it comes to Huskies and interacting with a small cat or other little animal, they may take to chasing or showing aggression. It is in their nature to chase and hunt small animals and they have an unfortunate tendency towards acting on that instinct.

Are Huskies good guard dogs
Watch Siberian Husky on a chain

While knowing that they can be aggressive towards small animals is there, typically they are friendly and non aggressive towards humans. They make great family dogs and do very well with children that are taught proper handling and petting of animals.

Can You Train A Husky To Be Protective?

The big question is, are Huskies protective dogs? It’s not in their DNA but I suppose if you found the right Husky you could train him to be protective. The thing is, Huskies don’t have a lot of the qualities and personality traits that you would look for in a protection or guard dog. You need them to be alert and suspicious, and with protectiveness comes aggression. Huskies are not an aggressive breed by nature.

In order to break their originally friendly and outgoing nature, you would have to do training that is against their base personality and would almost be unfair. Plus, you wouldn’t want to make a normally sweet and friendly breed have unnatural aggressive behaviors. It could lead to some potentially disastrous scenarios.

Husky Behavior Facts

Huskies have a lot of personality, so with that comes plenty of fun and interesting behaviors as well. Many people wondered if Huskies are protective, but there are plenty of other personality traits that this wolf-like breed has. Here are a few behavioral facts about our lovely and beautiful Huskies.

Athletic Diggers

Huskies are a very athletic breed and enjoy lots of activity. They also are very enthusiastic about digging. They love it, can’t get enough of it. Whether it’s dirt, mud or snow that they are digging, they are going to make a giant mess of whatever it is. It is in their nature to run for miles and miles tirelessly, then dig themselves a hole in the snow to snuggle into for warmth and sleep. So, it only makes sense that we still see this behavior with the Husky breed today.

Possessiveness Or Jealousy

Now, Huskies do display a behavior that is commonly mislabeled or misunderstood as aggression, which is possessiveness. This breed is absolutely known for their jealousy and temper tantrums. If one of their favorite people is getting attention from someone else, it is likely you will see them lash out with yelling, pushiness and maybe even teeth if the other pet or person doesn’t leave.

While this can be amusing, it can also lead to some unwanted situations if the other dog decides to push back or your Husky takes it too far. Even though the Husky is not an aggressive breed, sometimes this possessive behavior can be seen as “protectiveness”.

Are Huskies Loyal Dogs
A woman in a T-shirt and jeans walks a classic color husky dog on a leash in a clearing of grass with other people sitting and relaxing on the grass on a sunny day off

High Prey Drive

This breed is known for its high prey drive. They can’t help but chase and go after small animals and cats, which can be super scary for everyone. However, have no fear, this behavior can easily be trained out of them with some patience and a little work. It may be pertinent to not allow any little creatures out around the dog, or at least have a good escape route or area for the cat to get to when the Husky can’t resist the urge to chase.

In some cases, Huskies have been known to attack and injure or kill other animals. There are steps that can be taken to prevent that, so being aware of this behavior is only the first step.


Huskies love to talk. And that’s exactly what it is. No one in their right mind would call it barking. Their unique scream-talk is specifically something I’ve only ever heard from a Husky or malamute. There are some owners, and I agree with them, that their Husky understands them and will respond accordingly, which is a strange and amusing sight to behold. Owners and dogs having verbal arguments? Sounds strange, but is certainly not unusual in a household with a Husky.

Independent Minded

The Husky is a very independent breed that truly enjoys their time to explore and do their own thing. They are often very stubborn and hard to train because of their individual way of thinking and refusal to listen to commands when it’s just not on their agenda for the day.

Their unique and independent way of thinking is one of the biggest reasons why they also don’t make good protection or guard dogs. They would much rather be worrying about themselves than rushing to your rescue or patrolling their property. Huskies also don’t score well on Dr Stanley Coren’s breed intelligence and training capabilities scale. They have a low aptitude for listening to commands.

So, Are Huskies Protective?

While some Husky owners will say that they are, the main consensus is that Huskies are not very protective dogs. They are loving and loyal, but not meant to be guard dogs or used for protection. It is unlikely that they will live up to that job and you will only be disappointed.

So, are Huskies protective? Not so much but they are, however, great with families, wonderful companions and excellent conversationalists. In my book a Husky is the complete package!!