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Are Huskies Good with Babies? What About Kids and Family?

Huskies are one of the most loving and popular dogs all around the world. Many people want to own a husky but the questions like; “are huskies good with babies?” ponder in their mind. It is important to know how a dog reacts around a child. When you own a husky you must play it safe. Being a responsible parent means taking care of everything related to the dogs and also keeping your babies safe.

Huskies are actually loving and affectionate towards babies as they are naturally friendly, gentle, and love the family they live with but it is not safe to leave the children with huskies as in the end huskies are animals and they can harm babies. Now that you have got a brief answer to your question, let’s get to know more about the husky temperament and their behavior towards other humans and kids.

Are Huskies Good with Babies?

The presence of the husky in the house will not be dangerous for your babies but you can never be sure of the reaction of husky because anything can trigger an animal. So you will have to be extremely careful and cautious if you have kids in your house with a husky (or say any other dog). It is considered a bad idea to leave kids with huskies in the house unsupervised.

Dogs are not aggressive towards humans including babies so there is no fear of them suddenly becoming hostile but some dogs can develop behavioral problems. Such dogs have the habit of biting humans and they can get harsh with babies in the process which can harm the baby.  Also, puppy huskies have the habit of biting a lot so keep them away from the children especially when you see they are getting into their biting mode.

are huskies good with babies

Husky personality and temperament

Huskies are free-spirited and good-natured dog breed with a mesmerizing look. Don’t get fooled by that fierce wolf-like look of the huskies. In fact, huskies are gentle and loving dogs with their alluring personality which makes them good companions for people of every age.

Huskies are not aggressive by nature. They don’t become volatile or hostile in a moment. Since huskies are pack dogs, they have friendly nature towards everyone including other dogs and kids. Huskies are athletic and joyful and they love running and hiking almost every day.

Due to their friendly nature, huskies don’t pick fights with other dogs and they don’t bark at strangers or passersby’s without any reason.

A Husky’s needs

A husky needs love, attention and care from his owners. They are highly energetic and need a vigorous amount of exercise. Modifying your lifestyle according to their needs can be a difficult task.

Huskies need to stay mentally and physically simulated so you would need to engage them in different activities on daily basis.

You can engage your kid and husky both in different activities throughout the day. You can take them both on a stroll or swimming.

Huskies with kids

There is no dog breed that you can say is naturally good with babies. If you have a newborn baby please keep your husky away from them. It is not safe for kids under 2 years old to be around huskies. While their company can be amazing for the kids, at the same time it can be dangerous. Huskies are the best friends with kids of age group 3 to 8 years old. They can be fantastic friends of humans, and they will love the company of a kid and grow up as their companions.

Because of their friendly nature, they cannot be kept as watchdogs because they will befriend the intruder easily. These are important details to notice before getting a husky especially if there are kids in the house.

Social behavior of Huskies

Huskies are working dogs that originated from northern areas. It is important to know about the behavior of huskies before adopting them to ensure a healthy lifestyle at home. They were bred to work as pack dogs; they used to thrive when there were plenty of huskies at the same place.

So, huskies are highly social and they have a gentle and caring nature. They are outgoing and independent so they love socializing with almost everyone especially when they get comfortable.

are Huskies good family dogs

A study showed that huskies like to live according to the pack leader.

How can a Husky harm a baby?

Being a parent, it is right to think “are huskies good with babies?” before getting a husky as pet dog. Huskies are not the kind of dogs who will intentionally harm babies in any way. Instead, they tend to be fragile towards kids. But huskies just like other dogs can be unpredictable. There can be certain unpleasant things your baby might have to bear

  • Huskies’ barking and howling might scare the baby.
  • Huskies can bite the baby and they can get injured because of that.
  • Huskies can knock toddlers over unintentionally and that can injure them.
  • Your kid can unintentionally pull, push or pinch the dog that may cause pain and huskies can become aggressive towards your kid.

Things to consider before you get the Husky

Huskies are the high maintenance dogs so they require a lot of time for exercise, training, and grooming. They want a lot of attention. At the same time, babies also need a lot of attention and care so it might get difficult for you to manage both.

Since huskies are independent they can also be stubborn sometimes. In some cases, huskies need professional training to learn to be well-behaved around kids.

It’s important to note that the fencing of your yard should be high and secure, as huskies can dig under fences and jump off small fences in order to escape.

Getting a husky can also cost you a lot. Huskies are one of the expensive dog breeds and maintaining their lifestyle can be a difficult task if you are low on budget. Huskies need a special diet, training toys, and vet bills.

are Huskies good with kids

Safety advice to keep the babies safe

It is thoughtful of you to want to keep both the babies and huskies safe and happy with each other. No matter how much you trust your husky it is never recommended to leave your baby unsupervised with him or her. Animals are unpredictable creatures and you can never know what’s in their mind so playing safe is the best option you should choose.

  • Never leave your baby alone with a husky.
  • Huskies especially puppies have a habit of biting or nibbling new things and humans. That’s how they explore the world around them. Huskies may hurt the baby in the process and they won’t even know. So it is your duty to keep them away from the baby.
  • You can use cages and crates to keep the husky locked if you need to leave the baby unsupervised for some time.
  • If you are out strolling with your baby and your husky at the same time, be aware of small animals especially cats. Because the husky has a prey drive.
  • You can give training to the husky on how to behave when a baby is at home.
  • Do not let your baby poke or pinch the husky; otherwise, he or she can become aggressive
  • You should not let your kid play games with the husky which activate his or her prey drive.
  • If your kids are old enough then give them some safety instructions so that they know what to do and what not to do.
  • Do not let your baby go near stranger huskies at all because you never know how they are going to react.

Final words on “Are Huskies good with babies? Final Word”

Huskies are social animals and it is not dangerous to keep them in the same house as babies but animals are unpredictable. Huskies are very social and friendly dogs by nature and they love to be around humans as well as kids but it is not very safe to leave your babies with children unattended.

You have to keep the huskies away from babies because of the nibbling habits of dogs. Kids more than 3 years old can spend time with them and even enjoy their company. But do not leave your kids unattended with the huskies. You should play safe and keep your kids safe by the described tips above in this article. Make sure you do research before adopting a husky so that it matches your lifestyle and you also build a safe zone for your family.

Hopefully you have got the answer to your question “are huskies good with babies?” from this guide.