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Are Huskies Good For First Time Owners?


Huskies are one of the most popular and beloved breeds all around the world, and they’re famous because of their looks, ability to learn, and athleticism. It is a common question from people who want to own a husky, “Are huskies good for first time owners?”

When you are about to make a decision about getting a Siberian husky, you should consider some facts. Huskies are the kind of breed that requires everyone around them to pay attention. Huskies have the alluring appeal with their wolf like appearance. What makes them exceptional are their wild nature and mesmerizing eyes.

In this article we are going to explain everything you need to know about Huskies. So you can figure out if they are a good match or not.

No, huskies are not a good choice for first time owners. Huskies are high-maintenance dogs. They are an intelligent breed with fascinating personalities, and everybody wants them but they need extra care, training, exercise, a special diet, and a tailored environment.

Choosing the right dog for the first time that fits your lifestyle and personality is a difficult job. But if you are wondering, are huskies good for first time owners, then you will have to stay with us to get to know all about huskies and why they are not the best choice for first time owners.

Are Huskies Good For First Time Owners

Are Huskies Easy To Own?

No huskies are not easy to own because they require too much attention and care. They are strong-willed animals, and sometimes they give a hard time to their owners.

If you want to get a husky, you will have to consider the following factors to make the right choice.


Siberian huskies are classic northern dogs with high intelligence. They are alert and friendly by nature. The most interesting personality trait is that they are outgoing and socializing with them can be really fun. Since they are a wild breed, they tend to be independent and stubborn.

Huskies are affectionate, good-natured breed and make a good family dog. Some people might think they are aggressive by nature because of their fierce look, but they are not! They adjust well with humans and even with children.

They are very athletic and they are so energetic that they can play for hours without being tired.


The Siberian huskies were originally developed by Chukchi, people of northeastern Asia. They are 50-60 cm in height depending upon their gender. Female huskies are a little shorter in height than male huskies. They come in different colors but black, white and grey are the most common ones. They have brown and blue eyes, and most of them have both colors. Female huskies weigh up to 16-23kg, while male huskies weigh around 20-27 kg.

Siberian huskies are well-furred dog breed with a lot of shedding. They have erect ears and a sickle-shaped tail. They belong to the working dog breeds because they were bred to work as sled dogs. Huskies have a life span of 12 to 15 years.

Exercise and training

Huskies may have a cuddly appearance, but they are athletic. It takes a special owner or family to keep a Siberian husky happy as they require extensive daily exercise to remain healthy and fit. Huskies are highly energetic, and they love to run in open spaces. Huskies need at least 2 hours of exercise daily, according to the kennel club. There are a lot of ways you can exercise your husky, like running, hiking or swimming.

If you cannot provide this type of high-level activity, consider a different breed that does not need much exercise. Huskies also demand a lot of outdoor time as they get bored staying too long indoors.

Siberian huskies are tough to train as they are stubborn and full of energy. They may need a professional trainer for the proper training if you don’t have experience in dog training.

Are Huskies Easy To Own

Huskies can be challenging to train, so it is recommended to train the huskies when they are puppies to teach basic commands like sit, run, stop, etc. If you can’t provide them with basic exercise and training, they are likely to develop behavioral problems.

If you can dedicate a fixed amount of time on a daily basis to your husky, then you should go for this breed.


It is important to maintain good physical and mental health for your Husky. Huskies generally have good health, but they are prone to certain issues like cataracts, corneal dystrophy, hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, and more.

They are likely to get mental health problems like depression if they are not given proper time outdoors.


Just like huskies need extra care, they also need extra attention on the nutrition and diet front. If you do not fulfill their dietary needs, Huskies can develop health problems. They need quality food over quantity. You should feed them twice a day, based on a plan developed in conjunction with your et to ensure that they are getting all the required nutrients.

It is your choice, depending upon your preference what you are going to feed them. Whether it is raw or kibble food, you just need to be sure of the good quality and properly balanced calories to keep up with their healthy lifestyle.

If their calorie intake is too high, they will become overweight and prone to diseases. If you feed them food that is low in proteins and other nutrients, then they are likely to develop different diseases like bone problems, coat problems, and their body will not be able to fight infectious diseases.


Huskies are a thick-coated dog breed that requires more maintenance as compared to other breeds. They will shed their entire coats at least once a year, especially in a warmer climate environment. You will need to pay special attention to bathing and overall grooming. You will need to brush your husky twice a week and pay attention to matts and tangles in their coat.

After reading about their requirements, you can easily answer the question “are huskies good for first time owners?”

What To Expect Owning A Husky

What To Expect Owning A Husky?

Huskies are a beautiful breed with mesmerizing eyes and cuddly fur. They are very lovable and affectionate. They love interacting with humans and tend to please their owners. If you love a lot of cuddles and licks, you should adopt a husky. They will sit, snuggle, and play with you and you will feel loved.

They are proven to be a great companion who will never leave alone. They will tend to follow you everywhere as Huskies are proven to be quite persistent.

Huskies are friendly with other pet dogs that they grow up with, but they may not be as friendly with small pets. Huskies are strong predators by nature. They love chasing pets like birds, mice, hamsters, and rabbits. If you have other pets like these, it is not encouraged to adopt a Husky because he/she will not leave them alone, and they will need a lot more supervision.

Huskies originated from cold northern areas, so they require a cooler climate for their well-being. If you live in a warm environment, then you will need to provide them with a suitable air conditioning and keep them hydrated all the time.

Huskies are good escape artists because of their independent nature and inherent love of running. If huskies don’t get enough attention from you, they are likely to run away from the house and may not return.

It is not that they are not loyal; they just love new places and experiences. Huskies love digging holes and tunnels under fences, so you should make your property escape-proof if you don’t want your Husky to run away.

Taking care of a Husky can cost a lot, so you should get an estimate of their monthly expenses before you buy one. They need extra professional help and a special diet more than other breeds.

If you are looking for a guard dog, huskies are not the best choice because of their friendly temperament. They don’t bark a lot, instead, they produce howling sounds like wolves.

What Is The Best Age To Buy A Husky

What Is The Best Age To Buy A Husky?

If you are thinking of buying a Husky, you should consider your preferences first, then consider the age and sex of the dog.

Consider adopting them from animal shelters because many people abandon their huskies. This happens because people can’t match their lifestyle with this challenging breed, and later on, they realize they can’t keep up with them.

You can adopt a puppy or you can go for the adult dog husky. A two year old Husky is considered a good age, especially for a female because she becomes mentally mature enough to handle pregnancy by then.

Are Huskies Good For First Time Owners? Wrap Up

So, summing up, the answer to the question “are huskies good for first time owners?” is resounding NO. Huskies are not a breed that most people can handle without having prior dog ownership experience.

On the other hand, if have enough history with dogs and a lot of time, a Husky can be a good choice for you.