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An Escape Proof Dog Harness is the Perfect Gear!

Every dog owner may have had the experience to see their dog suddenly dart out the door or window or escape out of the backyard. But what if there was a way to keep your dog safe inside and outside while still having all the benefits of being able to enjoy the environment?  An escape proof dog harness will give you full control of your pup and provide you many other benefits as well.

How is an escape proof dog harness different from a standard model?

A dog can more easily slip his shoulders out of a standard harness. Contrary to the escape proof dog harness, standard models come with flimsy straps that are far from being chew proof.

Am escape proof harness is simply more robust with no weak points that would compromise the safety and health of your canine friend.

Here are 5 benefits of escape proof dog harnesses and what to look for when choosing one.

escape proof dog harnesses

1) Provides safety

The escape proof dog harness provides a safer environment for your dog in public and on the road. When a dog is chasing another animal, it’s not always clear who will lose out in this situation and what usually happens is that both get injured from each other’s teeth or claws.

Basically, the leash is a popular choice as it helps in controlling the movements of your dog. But dogs have also been known to escape from leashes if they get excited and something catches their interest.

In all situations, safety is important, both for you and your dog. When walking outside, an escape-proof dog harness can protect your canine friend from harm or injury that may occur when he becomes distracted by the environment around them.

2) Control of your dog

Having complete control of your dog is very important. A good quality escape proof harness gives you the confidence of knowing that your dog is safe and under control, particularly in crowded places. The collar is a great way to identify your dog, but there’s nothing better than a harness when it comes down to control.

A walk with your dog wearing such an harness is far more enjoyable for your dog and yourself.

SCENEREAL Escape Free Dog Harness for large breeds
SCENEREAL Escape Free Dog Harness for large breeds

3) Comfort

Dogs are known for their loyalty and love, but they can also be curious explorers who refuse to stay where you put them. When this is combined with the restrictive nature of a collar, an escape attempt becomes more than just aggravating but can become harmful for your dog.

One instance in which these two factors come together is when trying to walk your dog. The dog may try its best to outrun you or suddenly dart off chasing after some tempting smell, even if it means choking himself on his leash. This puts the dog owner under stress because any sudden jerk could hurt your dog’s neck. As a result, the gear that was intended to protect and control your dog has become a source of potential injury.

An escape proof dog harness is the perfect gear in any situation where your dog might try his luck with an escape attempt and put more pressure on their neck. In such cases, pressure is spread across  the body and back and there will be no severe injuries.

A dog harness is a handy device for owners of both small and large size dogs. Not only does it provide maximum comfort, but the lead will never slip out from under your dog’s harness.

4) Helps in training your dog

A dog harness is your best friend in the development of your dog. It will help you train your pup and get things under control as he grows up. The escape proof dog harness will keep your pet close and safe while you are training them. It also prevents pulling, which is a common issue when dogs don’t have the proper restraint on their leash or don’t enjoy enough physical activity.

Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness
Didog Soft Flannel Padded Dog Vest Harness

Harnesses are an excellent tool to help you train your dog not to pull on the leash. They also offer a sense of security for dogs that don’t like being pulled by their collar both backwards and sideways.

5) Gives you peace of mind

Your peace of mind is valuable, so why not ensure that it’s maximized? Escape proof dog harnesses are a way to keep your canine friend under control.

They’re the perfect solution for those tough moments when your dog is on the loose, or they can be used as an everyday restraint that will give you peace of mind knowing your dog won’t get into trouble again.

What to look for in choosing an escape proof dog harness?

If you want to optimize the use of such harness, there are important features to look for. The models come in many different styles for the full range of dog size and breeds.

When choosing an escape proof dog harness, you should keep the following points in mind.

Mihachi Secure Dog Harness
Mihachi Secure Dog Harness

Select the right size

Remember that not every dog is the same size, so it’s important to get an escape proof dog harness in just the right size. For example, if you own an English Mastiff or Saint Bernard and you are trying to fit them the harness of a little Pomeranian, it may not work that well!

The best way to find out what will work for your furry friend is by measuring them first before we buy anything, especially when buying online. If you look at the market, not one company’s idea of what constitutes “medium size” is the same. This begs the question: how will you select the right size for your dog?

If you want to make sure your dog is safe while they’re running, biking, or enjoying any other activity with you, the size of the harness must match them. A good way to measure for an appropriate fit is by taking two measurements around their chest and behind their front legs (or underbelly).

There are product manufacturers that offer appropriate guidance and will suggest relevant measurements matching their different models.

Easily adjustable

The right fit is key to a dog’s comfort and safety. A harness that doesn’t properly match your pup’s body will inevitably be worn out, torn up, or improperly fitted within just the first few months of use. Don’t risk it by choosing an ill-fitting piece.

Gooby Escape Free Sport Harness
Gooby Escape Free Sport Harness

How you choose which product suits your furry friend best depends entirely on how big and what shape they are, so don’t let anyone tell you differently. The bottom line is you want a model that offers room for adjustments for an almost perfect fit with your dog.

All hail handles

One reason that harnesses come with a handle is when your dog becomes frightened or when they thrash around in excitement, it’s easy to see them slip out of their collar and get lost, which could be dangerous. The handle gives dog owners an extra sense of security to focus on calming the dog, particularly when they are close to him, as opposed to using the leash.

Harnesses are designed to keep dogs restrained while giving humans some control over what happens during walks without direct contact from pulling against leash pressure. This reduces stress levels not just for the pup but also for dog parents.

Right material

It would help if you buy an escape proof harness that your dog can’t easily chew through. Chew-proof harnesses are the way to go if you want the gear to last a long time. Check for the quality and durability of all the parts such as the straps, hooks, handles, connectors and also the quality of the seams and how they sewed.

Adjustable straps

A dog’s head is usually smaller than the circumference of its body, which means that he can easily slip out from an harness if certain rules are not respected. There are several ways to help solve this problem, including having an extra strap around his belly or using straps on either side of the chest instead.

RUFFWEAR Web Master Dog Harness
RUFFWEAR Web Master Dog Harness

Why do dogs try to escape from the harness?

There can be many reasons why a dog tries to escape from a harness.

Poor quality harness

A poorly made and uncomfortable harness can be annoying to your dog. A harness that does not fit him well can also cause irritation, rubbing, obstruction of movement, etc. Also, it can constantly strain their neck muscles and cause unwanted injuries.

Movement restriction

The list of reasons why dogs might not like a particular gear is endless. Some argue that the idea of having their movement restricted freaks them out, while others think it’s just too restrictive for some breeds to walk at all without running into things or getting tangled in trees and bushes along the way.

Prey drive

Dogs can definitely feel restrained by a harness. Your pup will want out as quickly as possible so that he may give chase in earnest, or at least try.


The best thing about the escape proof dog harness is the fit and comfort as well as the control in all situations. It also offers a quick release feature for emergencies which means you won’t have to worry if something happens while walking, running, or biking with your pup!

If you’re looking for a harness that is escape proof, look no further. Our team of experts have put together this guide to help you find the best way to take your dog out for an adventure and keep them safe along the way!

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